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Estimation of the use of geothermal greenhouses in Yukon, Canada | Think global warming

Whitehorse, Yukon / Canada Main Street (Source: flickr / Arthur Chapman, Creative Commons)

The student group explored the potential of geothermal energy projects with greenhouse farming in Yukon, Canada.

As part of the REDEVELOP Geothermal Challenge 2021 ( Re-create the 2021 geothermal challenge), Jeanine Vani of Ever Technologies, a Canadian geotechnical technology company, guided students to evaluate geothermal greenhouses as a way to address food insecurity in the Yukon using clean energy. Yukon is the smallest and westernmost of the three Canadian territories in northern Canada, bordering British Columbia in the south and the US state of Alaska in the west. With colder climates, global warming has long been considered a potential source of heat and energy. We inform about Opportunity to use greenhouses heated by geothermal energyAs well as on previous attempts Geothermal study.

Studies on geothermal greenhouses show that geothermal energy offers the best opportunities for optimization. He considered the use of ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) and demonstrated that vegetables grown in these local geothermal greenhouses are effective in reducing carbon emissions from ship products. In addition, he analyzed the use of heat from a geothermal power plant.

Lone Brown, one of the students who worked with REDEVELOP on the geothermal challenge, says: “[Geotérmica] This is very interesting and I think many of the difficulties faced by global warming are caused by people not really knowing much about it. If you say to most people that global warming is, “Oh I know about hot springs, how is it an alternative source of energy?” And there is a lot of energy at the bottom. [La gente] He does not really understand how global warming can turn into energy for our community. “

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“The challenges associated with affordable and nutritious food security for indigenous communities in northern Canada have been documented for decades. [1]. In cold, remote climates, sufficient energy to maintain the temperature, light, and humidity required for plant growth is the controlling factor for economical food production. Geothermal energy extracted from extraterrestrial heat is a low-carbon, on-demand form of energy. [2]. This work explores the potential of geothermal energy-backed greenhouse farming to improve food security in the Yukon. “

REDEVELOP is an initiative of collaborative experience in research and training (creation). As Canada’s energy sector changes, future leaders of Canada are being trained on low carbon energy. They believe that unconventional resources are important for Canada’s transition to a low – carbon future, environmental sustainability and socio – economic stability.

Jeanine Vany believes that “students need access to industry perspectives to improve the practicality of the projects they work for in educational institutions.” REDEVELOP also “Provides additional contacts for students to take advantage of the degree. I personally am lucky to be moving to global warming without a career break, but I know that instead of leaving the energy business others are going back to school to prepare for the future of oil and gas. This is wonderful news because we need the expertise of the Western Canadian oil and gas sector to meet the challenges of energy transformation.

For study overview and details, see Student Group Summary here.

In 2020, Ever Technologies signed a partnership agreement on a possible geothermal project in Yukon. We already mentioned that.

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