June 1, 2023


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Everything you need to know about Evil Dead Rise

The original Evil Dead, the remake, and the Starz series of Evil Dead all had a different tone from each other. These depictions of strength and horror took different twists on the typical ideas.

The recent release of the game Evil Dead is getting everyone talking about the franchise. With horror franchises like The Evil Dead and its sequels, there are heroes such as Tommy Jarvis and Laurie Strode, but Raimi’s The Evil Dead Rise stacks up against these rivals by creating one of the most famous horror protagonists in history: Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams.

With a bloody killer like few back, Wes Craven’s horror film character is one of the best at what he does, but every game and remake based on his name is not created equally. The Rotten Tomatoes website rates them all.

Fede Alvaráz’s Evil Dead currently holds a “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, of which the film is one of the most disliked entries. The reimagining benefits from two main factors: the new purpose of the cabin, and Jane Levy’s commanding lead performance as Mia Allen, one of the Evil Dead franchise’s more likable characters.

Ash and his friends herded Allen to the isolated cabin in order for her to detox. This storyline is as rational as the original film, where the kids party all night long before coming back to school in the morning. But their isolation also raises the stakes and makes Allen more influential than Ash.

Since, Allen’s friends instead of Ash decide to bring her out to the isolated cabin in order for her to detox, this is a rational reasoning that raises the stakes that already exist by making Allen a protagonist who may be more interesting than Ash.

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Ash and his friends come out to the cabin in order for Allen to detox; with this journey, we see how isolating the characters will help later on in making Ash a more interesting protagonist than him.

Allen went to her girlfriend’s cabin in order for them to detox. This theory is the same as the plot of their poorly-made horror movie, but they were also building the stakes even more so.

Ash spends the majority of her time without Campbell and features an excellent cast including leading characters created specifically for this movie. In contrast to Ash’s sacrifice, Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo), Pablo Simone (Ray Santiago), and Ruby (Lucy Lawless) also have a significant amount of screen time and heighten the sense of continuity in this trilogy as well as its predecessor films.