April 17, 2024


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'Fantastic Beasts 3' and 'Sonic 2' Close to $300M in WW, 'Lost City' Top $100M - Deadline

‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ and ‘Sonic 2’ Close to $300M in WW, ‘Lost City’ Top $100M – Deadline

Update, He writes: Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets Crossed the $200 million mark at International box office This weekend, he finished first outside for the third straight frame. External session added $38.3 million In 67 markets with a total operation $213.2 million with all over the world $280.3 million.

As noted last weekendas evidenced by the large North America DropThe FB The franchise is considered an international property and had -44% overseas ownership this weekend. Still, it lags behind the previous films in the series. Threequel does best in the typical Harry Potter markets, although not particularly leading with the UK where it should do better. The most important topics so far are: Germany ($23.3 million), Japan ($22.3 million), United kingdom ($21.7 million), China ($17.5 million) and France ($13.6 million). The international price of IMAX cume is $12 million.

After the long Covid lockdown in Hong KongAnd FBTSOD It opened at No. 1 with $1.4 million this session. Cinemas are currently operating at 50% capacity. Seven Middle Eastern markets launch at the end of next week.

Generally within this framework, the international audience was coming out to play the family and laughing with Paramount Sonic the Hedgehog 2 And the lost City See strong barriers.

My voice got another 19 million dollars In 57 markets – only 29% off the last session and with 1st place starting at Poland And Malaysia (Beside India Among Hollywood’s headlines – a local sensation KGF: Chapter 2 still leads there). International Sonic 2 com is now 142 million dollars to $287.8 million A global meaning that the little blue creature will cross $300 million any day now.

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driving charge of My voice she United kingdom ($26.3 million), Mexico ($15.7 million), France ($14.3 million), Australia ($13.1 million) and Brazil ($8.9 million). My voice Face to face conflict with Fantastic beasts In the Middle East next weekend. Japan on board for August.

Sandra Bullock / The Adventure of Romcom Channing Tatum the lost City I found another $17.1 million In 58 markets, including 27 new openings. This is another amazing release and saw a drop of only 21% from the previous session. com abroad is $42.7 million With 128.1 million dollars my world.

Australia and the United kingdom It has a particularly strong hold, dropping 16% and 17%, respectively, for $6.8 million and $7.4 million. France The best opening of this session at $2.1 million was in third place; Germany And Mexico It debuted at $1.7 million per piece at numbers 2 and 3, respectively. Next is Denmark in the next frame and Japan on June 24.

while, China It is trying to contain a surge in Covid cases in Beijing and will launch three rounds of mass testing starting Monday, Global Times mentioned. According to CNN, a municipal official told reporters today that the situation was “urgent and dismal.” With Shanghai still in lockdown, it is not clear whether Beijing will follow suit. Once the test results come back, it will provide a clearer picture of the general situation and “further measures will be followed accordingly,” a senior expert with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said. GT.

This isn’t great news for Universal/DreamWorks Animation the wicked Which has a release date of April 29 in China. However, the film, in its sixth weekend abroad, is still doing a solid job with a $5.9 million Frame for a staggering 9% drop in this session. Besides the No. 1 domestic opening, it has now arrived $63.1 million Outside, good for $87.1 million my world. In addition to China, Korea and Japan are still on board.

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Elsewhere, India KGF: Chapter 2 It has exceeded $100 million worldwide with an estimate $114.9 million. From Hombale Films, Yash-starrer earned another $250,000 in IMAX, bringing the global total in the format to $1.6 million. This is the fourth biggest Indian title ever for IMAX.


Alexander Skarsgard as Amelieth in “Northman”
Aiden Monaghan/Focus Features

Northman (UNI): $6.3 million in international weekends (41 markets); $11.5 million / $23.5 million worldwide
the wicked (UNI): $5.9 million in international weekends (51 markets); $63.1 million / $87.1 million worldwide
Morbius (SNY): $3.3 million on weekends (62 markets); $87.4 million / $156.6 million worldwide
Batman (World Bank): $2.1 million international weekend (73 markets); $391.2 Million / $759 Million
Ambulance (UNI): $1.8 million international weekend (70 markets); $27.5 million / $46.7 million worldwide
Anonymous (SNY): $1.4 million international weekend (55 markets); $247 million / $393 million worldwide