October 2, 2023


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FIFA has punished El Salvador, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras.

FIFA has punished El Salvador, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras.

The FIFA Released this Monday, May 2, 2022-On your website– Penalties against CONCACAF countries including El Salvador, Mexico, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama and Honduras. Qatar has given financial sanction to federations due to various incidents that took place during the final dates of the octagonal qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup.

But El Salvador tops the list of 90,000 Swiss francs ($ 92,097,184) banned for matches against Canada and Costa Rica.

FIFA pointed out that objects were thrown towards the grounds of the Cascatlon Stadium during the match against Canada, for which a fine of 10,000 Swiss francs was imposed; In addition, El Salvador received strong penalties for incidents before the match against Costa Rica. FIFA pointed to signs of throwing objects on the ground and maintaining order on and around the field, such as drones flying.

In addition, El Salvador was punished for playing a home game with a small number of fans.

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Honduras was fined 70,000 Swiss francs for incidents at the San Pedro Sula Stadium during a match against H.L. The federation will pay just over $ 70,000.


FIFA has punished Mexico for match-fixing against Panama, El Salvador and the United States. FIFA described the facts as “team misconduct (late kick-off)” against Panama (5 thousand Swiss francs), “order and safety in matches (use of laser pointers)” (5 thousand Swiss francs), and El Salvador (7,500 Swiss francs). ) Vs. “Team Misconduct (Late Kick-Off)” Total: $ 12,790.97.


Panama will pay a total of 14,000 Swiss francs ($ 14,325.89) for the two home games. First against Honduras, FIFA recorded “throwing objects and failing to enforce existing safety rules” and second against Canada for team misconduct (6 individual restrictions).

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United States

The United States was fined 5,000 Swiss francs ($ 5,116.39) for “match order and security (invasion of the stadium)” in the match against El Salvador.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica was fined 3,000 Swiss francs for trespassing during a match against the United States. In total, the Costa Rican Federation will pay just over $ 3,000.


The leader of the octagon was not spared the punishment of FIFA. Canada was fined 15,000 Swiss francs ($ 15,349.17) for delaying the kick-off and trespassing during the domestic game against the United States.