March 1, 2024


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"Fire Tony!"  Cheers like the Chicago White Sox win by the Texas Rangers

“Fire Tony!” Cheers like the Chicago White Sox win by the Texas Rangers

Chicago – Loud chant “Fire Tony!” It broke out at Guaranteed Rate Field as manager Tony La Russa and the Chicago White Sox blew up a five-game lead and lost to the Texas Rangers 11-9 in 10 runs on Saturday.

La Russa has come under increased scrutiny this week since it ordered a deliberate funky walk at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ loss. The White Sox won the AL Central title last season but are now only 27-30 under the 77-year-old Hall of Fame.

However, he does not seem upset.

La Rosa said, “I hear it with one ear and see it with one eye. I just know I can [that] They want us to win. And when we don’t win, they’re not happy.”

Fans took to the cheer two more times as the crowd of 30,221 dwindled rapidly on the 10th.

La Rossa said, “There is nothing going on with this team, and in the end I am not responsible for it. I have never evaded accountability and I will not start now.”

Chicago lost three of the four. Texans have won only the fourth time in their past 11 games.

Jake Burger Homer was hit three times by the leader of the era Martin Perez that helped the White Sox go 5-0 up to fifth. But the Rangers turned back when Adulis Garcia Homer hit three times Lucas Giolito On the fifth, and then tied it in the 7th day Jonah HeimSacrifice fly in the seventh.

Nathaniel Lowe He put Texans ahead with his second double in the game, a campaign that started with four runs in 10th. ball pass Rhys McGuire Score another run, and Marcus Simin Hit one run twice.

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Danny Mendyk’s RBI single and Andrew Vaughn’s sacrifice fly pulled Chicago out within two rounds of the bottom half, but Joe Barlow retired و Louis Robert And the Jose Abreu to terminate it.

Texans have now completed three wins out of five rounds this season.

Texas dump Matt Mor (3-0) won five games in two negative rounds.

Matt Foster (1-1) Take the loss.

The White Sox marked Perez for 12 successes and six runs in five innings. The day started at 1.56 PM.

Giulito was impressive through four rounds before Garcia sparkled for the 12th time this year.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.