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First call: Teran Mathew says he got a call from Mike Tomlin; Multiple theories about Bruce Ariane’s recent “retirement”

A reputable free agent reveals that he has been in contact with the Steelers. We discuss the reasons behind Bruce Arians’ recent retirement. Lamar Jackson is getting more attractive in Baltimore. Alex Goligowski continues to play. The New York Rangers continue to win.

All in the “first call” on Thursday.

Tomlin and Terran

According to Safety Free Agent Tyrann Mathieu, I received a phone call From Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

The extent and details of the conversation were not disclosed. But during an appearance on “Jordi Collotta showMatteo recalled a conversation he had with the Steelers coach.

Matthew was explaining that he’s not sweating due to the fact that he’s still unsigned, but admits that it still gave him a spark when the NFL coaches reached out.

“Just being able to spend that time with the family, it’s just amazing,” Matteo said. “But I’m still trying to enjoy the process. It’s still great talking to all the different coaches and coaches. Because some of these guys, I’m a fan. Mike Tomlin is calling your phone. He’s like, ‘Hey, that’s Mike T.” Just being able to Talking to these guys, it’s a blessing.”

The Steelers already need one of their security positions. Terrell Edmunds has not been held as the strong security next to Minkah Fitzpatrick, although it may be a cheaper option to return if the Steelers decide to avoid bringing Mathieu on board.

Matthew is exiting a three-year, $42 million contract he signed with Kansas City in March 2019. At the start of the free agency, Spotrac’s market value calculations predicted “Honey Badger” would sign a contract About $14.8 million annually.

Lamar leaves loose

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson doesn’t like suggestions that he’s at odds with his franchise or tired of his time in Baltimore.

Well, Jackson’s apparent unwillingness to sign a contract extension doesn’t help. Nor is it This week’s quotes from owner Steve Bisciotti, noting that General Manager Eric DeCosta “can’t keep calling him and saying, ‘Hey, Lamar, you really need to come in here and get this thing done. “This is not General Motors’ job.”

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However, Bisciotti added, “We’ll pay [Jackson] When he’s ready.” He also went on to say, “The kid is so obsessed with winning the Super Bowl that I think, deep down, he doesn’t think he deserves. I think he wants it First Call: Tyrann Mathieu says he got a call from Mike Tomlin; multiple theories on Bruce Arians’ latest ‘retirement’ To say, “Now I deserve to be on top.” People can guess any way they want. I don’t think he’s run with money much, and he knows it’s coming one way or the other.”

So all Jackson’s concern may not be directly from Bisciotti’s comments. But they certainly got ahead of the conversation that Jackson overhears.

This sounds familiar

Bruce Ariane is retiring. repeatedly.

Although unlike when he was forced to step down as offensive coordinator with the Steelers, the Arians makes it sound like he’s opted to retire this time around. This is for Eventually drop those talking points From the Steelers after the 2011 season.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach announced Wednesday that he is stepping down, so defensive coordinator Todd Bulls will be his successor. Arians pointed out through Peter King “Football morning in America“He is likely to retire from coaching after the 2022 season ends anyway and he is taking on the role of a senior advisor to stay with the franchise.

since then , Many others theorized That the Bucs chose between Arians and Tom Brady. Brady won’t be satisfied with his departure – which he eventually did – if he leaves Arians because a rift has developed between him and the coach.

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Rick Stroud from Tampa Bay Times He tweeted that Brady “has been informed that Bruce Arians intends to step down and that Todd Bowles will succeed him as head coach either on the same day or the day after QB announces that he will end his retirement…the team insists it has nothing to do with Brady’s decision.”

This is something Arius continues to deny. “No,” Arius said in a position to King. “No. Tom has been very supportive of what I do. I mean, I’ve had struggles with every player I’ve coached because I fired them all, including him. Great off-field relationship.”

Brady went so far as to say In a lengthy post on Instagram“Thank you, BA, for everything you’ve done for me and our team. You are a great guy and coach, and it was an honor to play for you. You are a true legend in the NFL and a leader in all the work you’ve done to make the league more diverse and inclusive.”

So believe what you want, but the timing of all things in Tampa was weird.

go and conclude

On Sunday, the Penguins shook the Detroit Red Wings 11-2. On Tuesday, the New York Rangers defeated the Penguins 3-2. Therefore, one can assume that the Rangers will cruise over Detroit as well on Wednesday night.

Not so fast, Detroit were 4-3 ahead in New York with less than five minutes left when Chris Kreider scored his 46th goal for the Rangers.

This link game. In overtime Andrew Cobb won it out for New York.

So Rangers now have 93 points. That’s three points better than the third-place Penguins and three points behind the Carolina Hurricanes who leads the DC division.

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Go-Go continues

When Penguins defenseman Alex Goligoski was traded to Dallas in a James Neale deal in 2011, many in Pittsburgh assumed he would bounce for a few years and then fade into obscurity.

After all, the four years he spent with the pens were marginal, never exceeding nine goals or scoring 30 points.

Now he’s in his 15th season in the National Hockey League, currently with Minnesota Wild, and He just signed a contract extension For two years, 4 million dollars.

The 36-year-old has two goals, 26 assists and a leading team rating as well as 34 in 58 games. Wild Penguins host Thursday.

No word yet on whether another former penguin, Marc-Andre Fleury, will be in the net or if it will be Cam Talbot.

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