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Frank Langella Refutes Allegations of Unacceptable Behavior After Netflix Launch - Deadline

Frank Langella Refutes Allegations of Unacceptable Behavior After Netflix Launch – Deadline

Editor’s note: On April 13th, deadline break the story who – which Frank Angela He was fired as the lead of the limited Netflix series The Fall of the House of Usher after an investigation into allegedly unacceptable behavior on the set, including sexual harassment, towards an actress. At the time, we reached out to the Academy Award-nominated actor for comment. This is his reaction to the class, written as a guest column.

It has been cancelled. Just like this.

With the increasing madness currently pervading our industry, I never would have imagined that words of collateral damage would fall on my shoulder. They brought with them a weight that I never expected to carry in the last decades of my career. This was accompanied by an unexpected sense of grave danger.

On April 14 of this year, she was fired from Netflix for what they determined was unacceptable behavior on the set. Blame was my first instinct. To attack and seek revenge. I interview crisis managers, strong connected lawyers, and are professionally empathetic for $800 an hour. Free advice was also provided:

“Don’t play the victim.” “Do not sue. They will delve into your past.” “Sign a nondisclosure agreement, take the money and run.” “Do talk shows. Show remorse, pretend humility. Say you learned a lot.”

Apologize. Apologize. Apologize.

I was playing the lead role of Roderick Usher in Edgar Allan Poe’s classics Usher house fall, updated as an eight-episode series on Netflix. It’s a glorious role and I’ve come to consider it, probably, my last stage. A prophetic wonder in the current circumstances.

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On March 25 this year, I was performing a love scene with the actress playing my young wife. We were both fully dressed. I was sitting on a sofa, she was standing in front of me. The director called cut. “He touched my leg,” the actress said. “It was not in the ban.” Then she turned around and walked out of the set, followed by the director and coordinator of intimate relations. I tried to follow her, but was asked to ‘give her some space’. I waited about an hour, then was told she wouldn’t come back and we rolled.

Soon, the investigation began. About a week later, HR asked to speak to me on the phone. The questioner said, “Before the love scene began on March 25, your intimacy coordinator suggested where you should put your hands. It was brought to our attention that you said, ‘That’s ridiculous!’ ‘Yes, I said, ‘I did.’ And I still am. I think so “. It was a love scene on camera. In my opinion, legalizing laying on of hands is absurd. It undermines instinct and spontaneity. Towards the end of our conversation, I suggested that I not contact the young lady, the intimate coordinator, or anyone else in the company. “We don’t want to risk retaliation,” she said. When I mentioned it was definitely not my intention… she politely cut me off and said, “Intent is not our concern. Netflix deals only with impact.”

When you’re the lead actor, it requires, in my opinion, that you set an example by keeping the atmosphere nice and friendly. However, these were some of the allegations: 1. He told an uncolored joke. 2. “Sometimes he would call me baby or honey.” 3. “He would hug me or touch my shoulder.”

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“You can’t do that, Frank,” our producer said. “You can’t joke. You can’t compliment. You can’t touch. It’s new.”

On April 13, the following item appeared on TMZ: “Frank Langella was fired by Netflix for flirting with a young actress in between shots and she broke into the set.” This is clearly a mistake. This is a complete lie. The actress was mentioned by name. The same young woman who accused me of “touching her leg” in front of the camera in a love scene. The next day, the item was corrected to read: “Frank Langella has not been expelled but is under investigation.” In this version the name of the actress was omitted.

That afternoon, I was fired. I didn’t get a hearing with Netflix. My request to meet face to face with the actress was refused. Directors and producers stopped answering emails and phone calls. Within 30 minutes of shooting, a message went out to highlight the crew and a full press release was sent out immediately. My representatives and I have not been given any opportunity to comment or collaborate on the narrative.

I can’t speak about the intentions of the accused or Netflix, but the effect on me was immeasurable. I’ve missed out on an exciting part, the opportunity to make profits in the future, and possibly face an extension of unemployment. Netflix finished me three months into the job and only had three weeks left to film, and I’m still getting paid in full for my services. Most importantly, you tarnished my reputation.

These insults, in my opinion, are the true definition of unacceptable behavior.

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The abolition of culture is the antithesis of democracy. Conversation and discussion are prohibited. It limits our ability to listen, mediate, and share opposing opinions. Most tragically, it destroys moral judgment.

it’s not fair. This is not only. This is not American.

Frank Angela

May 5 2022