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Gabriel Borick said he wants to follow Canada’s gun control policy

Gabriel Borick said he wants to follow Canada’s gun control policy

Gabriel Borick, President of Chile, with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

President of Chile, Gabriel Borick on Monday pledged to pursue a policy of arms control pursued by Canada. After a bilateral meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

“We have been discussing the details of the Arms Control Policy in Canada for some time, and it has yielded excellent results. ”Borik announced, according to the Chilean newspaper ‘The Counter’.

Therefore, the President stated, “There is no doubt. We are harassing them (weapons) and removing them from criminals, drug traffickers, groups that believe they can advance through violence. But we do not want them to be in civil society.

“For this reason, we’ll soon be presenting a plan to ban the possession of weapons. No one here should be afraid. We know this is good for everyone, because here’s the border (with the United States.) How communities end up arming themselves to do justice with their hands.He insisted.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

In this regard, the President of Chile has called for the development of international law on weapons and for raising awareness of the problem.

“We must promote international law. We hope that beyond our borders, awareness will be created that possessing weapons is bad for communities. That is why we are doing this from Chile to Canada, hoping it will be useful with all the countries that are close by.The Chilean president insisted.

Borick explained that he had been in talks with Trudeau on economic issues with the aim of deepening the free trade agreement that the two countries had signed 25 years ago.

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Borick: “Exemption is not the way”

The President embarked on a North American tour of Canada as part of his participation in the US IX Summit in Los Angeles, USA.

Borick criticized Venezuela and Nicaragua for being excluded from the summit, and underlined that Chile’s participation underscores that “multilateral dialogue will allow for better relations between nations where no one will be spared.” As collected by the Chilean radio station ADN, we must unite to make the best progress in our countries.

Gabriel Borick, President of Chile
Gabriel Borick, President of Chile

In his opinion, “Exemption is not the way to go. It has not historically worked. When the United States tries to exclude certain countries, the last thing it does is strengthen the position they hold in their own places. We think it’s wrong.”

Similarly, he explained that Chile’s position would be presented at the summit, but “without stopping to raise its voice in defense of human rights, to condemn political imprisonment and express Chile’s concern over the immigration crisis, in addition, Chile is one of the countries most affected by the crisis.

The President of Chile ruled at these types of meetings that countries should “act with greater unity”.

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