April 17, 2024


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GM chiefs Brett Fitch optimistic about next season - 'We have the potential to be really good'

GM chiefs Brett Fitch optimistic about next season – ‘We have the potential to be really good’

Kansas City, Missouri – Despite the loss of the pillars of the franchise Trek Hill And Teran MathieuBrett Fitch, the Kansas City Chiefs general manager, said he was satisfied with the team’s fortunes this season, watching competitors in West Asia awash with talent through free agency and trade.

“We have the guys and we have the potential to be really good,” Fitch said. “Given our track record, looking at our coaching staff…I feel optimistic, I’ll say.”

The Chiefs chose not to re-sign with Mathieu, who instead signed this week with the New Orleans Saints. They also decided not to extend the contract of Hill, who wanted to be the highest-grossing NFL wide receiver on the market with massive salaries for players in the position.

The Chiefs were able to cover a lot of ground in the draft with 10 picks, including two in each of the first two rounds. They have added, among other things, a nook in the corner Trent McDuffypassed in George Karlavtis And a wide receiver in Sky More.

The Chiefs may not have made the massive moves that some of their AFC West competitors did before enlisting, but they did ignore free agency. They signed Matthew’s replacement in safety Justin Reed And add two veteran wide receivers format jojo smith schuster And Marquis Valdes-Scantling.

The list’s recent activity has the Chiefs believe they are ready to compete for the seventh consecutive League title and a place in the fifth consecutive AFC Championship game.

Fitch said: “I feel good with the work we did off season. We had a lot of things to get done. I feel good with our approach. I feel good with the plan we had. It was tough, especially when the receiver market went crazy.”

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“I feel good not just about the talent we’ve added but the quantity. I think we’ve added a lot of good talent.”

In McDuffie, Karlavtis, Reid and Third Round Linebacker Liu Chanal, Chiefs potentially have four new players in defense. Similar to the defensive change the Veach and the Chiefs made in 2019.

That year, The Chiefs defensively started slowly but were playing well by the end of the season. The Chiefs went on to win Super Bowl LIV.

Fitch said, “There could be a transitional period here with those guys as well. You’re talking about a junior corner, junior full back and junior defensive end, which is a safety brought in from Houston. That’s a lot of moving parts there. It looks good on paper, but there’s a lot of work to be done.