March 31, 2023


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GoHub Canada arrives to invest in top ‘deep tech’ startups

The Global Water Challenge, one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the world, is landing in Canada, investing up to three million euros in the best in-depth technological start-ups. Its aim is to create the largest global hub for water technologies in its second year as the ‘Roadshow’ for the most powerful international innovation centers.

After traversing New York, Barcelona and Helsinki, GoHub Ventures’ initiative, Global Omnium’s Corporate Investment Fund, has called on Canadian startups not only for water management, but also to automate and improve processes with cognitive technologies applicable to a variety of sectors: artificial intelligence, industry, technology, Augment and Virtual Reality, Synthetic Data, Cyber ​​Security, 5G, Digital Twins or Quantum Computing were reported in a report yesterday.

In Canada, TGWC has partnered with GoHub and GoAigua – a technical subsidiary of Global Omnium’s technology company in North America – IBM, with institutional support from the Toronto Regional Chamber of Commerce, its Embassy in Spain and the Government of Quebec Government of Canada.


During the call, which will be open until October 12, GoHub will co-host various events and panels with its partners in the Canadian ecosystem. In addition, the big global technology conference clash to be held in Toronto from June 20 to 23 will provide a presentation of the challenge with all the organizers. A panel of experts from the GoHub Investment Group will select the five finalists. The winner will be announced at the final exhibition at the Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona event in November. The selected start-up will have the opportunity to invest up to three million euros and be able to build a fee utilization case on Global Amnesty, one of the five most important water companies in the world.

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