April 22, 2024


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Olympic Classic: Canada and the United States for Gold

They have no competitor. Canada and the United States win in women’s ice hockey. This is a historical tradition and these Olympics are no exception: they will meet in the final to win gold in Beijing (Thursday, February 17, 5:30 Spanish time). The Canadian team advanced to the semifinals with eleven goals against Sweden and ten goals for Switzerland. Final result 10-3 To provide a continuum of impeccable competition, It started with a quarter of four in the group stage And +28 in goal difference. Now, Adding the results of all or none of the rounds, it is already +46. In all, he has 53 goals, surpassing his previous record of 44 goals signed in 2010. And with one game remaining, it’s very important. At higher levels, the view is even more impressive. Notice to boatmen. The reigning champion, the Americans, was less sluggish and sluggish after coming to the event for gold Finland won (3-1).

His twenty World Championships (eleven from Canada to nine from the United States) did not lie. Their results in the Olympic tradition (two for four respectively), one. Canada has never missed an appointment for the highest medal. Ever since the introduction of the women’s competition in sports, it has always been. Already 24 years, Nagano since 1998. Seven consecutive finals in history. It is, with a special value, with accumulated anger: In Pyongyang, the award is Friday. The USA, which only missed the final in Turin (2006), won the ‘Classic’ title for the fifth time (six) to decide the championship.

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A tsunami towards gold.

The call for revenge was launched. The Swiss, after experiencing it in their own flesh, can describe it correctly. Canada is a burning choice that will not give even half an inch, it will cause more blood, more damage. This has been going on in Beijing ever since. Ryan has a special gift for players: the second goal is always easier for them than the first goal. And it usually comes quickly. Switzerland were able to stop the siege for seven minutes, but five minutes later they were already reduced to five. 5-1 in the first quarter, 3-2 in the second (two Swiss goals, superiority) and 2-0 in the third quarter. Of those, 61 shots towards the goal. Swiss goalkeepers Andrea Brentley and Saskia Maurer scored 51 while Canadian Anne-Rene Despians saved 10 runs. Under the sticks, the journey to gold is very quiet.

America wins in the mud

On the side Yankee, Life is not beautiful. His journey in Beijing was much more difficult than it had been in Canada. Without going beyond this, Americans already know what it means to submit to neighboring power in Beijing. They met in the group stage and Ryan’s men won by four goals to two. Since then, The United States had to beat the Czech Republic (4-1) and Finland.

In both cases, the first set ended goalless. In the semifinals, in addition, without ending up exposing the jar of essences. He turned the ice in the mud, not closing the game until the final stage of the third set In a serious accident both physically and mentally. Hillary Knight, won in the midst of it all. At age 32, she set an American record at her 21st Olympics (shared with Angela Rocco and Jenny Potter), And marked his 25th goal to establish himself on the second national historical step. At the start of the second set, he did it amidst controversial superiority and clarified the path to progress. Another classic, like the finale.

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