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The conspiracy is how the Chinese regime intervened in the last Canadian election

The conspiracy is how the Chinese regime intervened in the last Canadian election

Canadian citizens on polling day (EFE / Warren Toda)

A recent investigation has revealed that Beijing interfered with a false campaign in the September 20 federal election in Canada. It mostly targets Canadians of Chinese descent.

However, this revelation does not establish how decisive Chinese intervention in the Canadian elections was and whether it will have any definite consequences in the end. Ottawa citizen.

“After reviewing available open source data and consulting with stakeholders Importantly, we believe that the timing and content of the stories indicate the possibility of a concerted offensive targeting Sino-Canadian voters.According to the Canadian research group DesinfoWatch.

Similar to the misinformation carried out during the Taiwan elections in January 2020. Private chat sites are a major source of misinformation used by Beijing in its attempts to manipulate Taiwanese votes.. The Conservative Party is the main target for Canada.

The findings of DesinfoWatch are supported by an investigation by the Atlantic Council’s Forensic Research Laboratory.

People attend polling station in Brossard, Quebec on September 20, 2021 (EFE / Andre Pichette)
People attend polling station in Brossard, Quebec on September 20, 2021 (EFE / Andre Pichette)

Actors associated with China played a key role in influencing Canada’s September 20, 2021 parliamentary elections.It shows signs of a concerted campaign to influence the behavior of Chinese immigrants voting in elections, ”said a report by the Atlantic Council’s Forensic Research Laboratory.

DisinfoWatch points to an article published on the Chinese campaign site on September 9th Global Times Warning that the Conservatives would welcome victoryA strong counter-attack, and Canada will suffer”. Following the post, a false information campaign was launched via WeChat, which is home to about one million Chinese Canadians.

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According to Ottawa citizen, The Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has no clear policy to counter Beijing’s growing threats to world order, while the Conservatives have put forward a series of measures aimed at protecting Chinese immigrants from threats and persecution from China.. In addition, they pledged various initiatives, including tough sanctions on Chinese officials involved in the persecution of oppressed Uyghurs and Tibetans in Xinjiang. They also promised to take a tough line against Chinese state-owned companies operating in Canada.

In the months leading up to the election, the Conservative candidate Kenny Chiu Faced a defamation campaign that included all sorts of false accusations. His campaign never recovered.

China’s tactics to spread misinformation around the world are not new. In December, Meta Platforms Inc. said it had removed a network of more than 500 Facebook-based Facebook accounts that sought to push the false story of the US government’s attempts to blame China for the Kovit-19 epidemic..

Icot File Image of WeChat Application Icon (REUTERS / Florence Lo)
Icot File Image of WeChat Application Icon (REUTERS / Florence Lo)

There was a fake personality of the Swiss biologist in this campaign Wilson EdwardsIn July, he posted on Facebook and Twitter that the United States was pressuring World Health Organization (WHO) scientists to blame China for the virus, according to a monthly report by Meta on its integrated influence activities on social media.

A few days after the first release, Hundreds of social media accounts and a handful of Chinese state media sources have multiplied the story of the alleged US threat.Meta said. But next month, the Swiss embassy in Beijing noted that there was no Swiss citizen by the name of Wilson Edwards, the company said. Facebook inquired and deleted the account on the same day.

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Meta said it had removed 524 Facebook accounts, 20 pages, four groups and 86 Instagram accounts involved in the campaign., According to the report. The California-based Menlo Park company said it had detected links between people and the network in China, including employees of Sichuan Silence Information Technology.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook Inc., said these actors are changing their tactics to avoid detection and action by the processor. Such a strategy is knownBrigade”, In which hostile accounts work together to post or comment as a whole in an attempt to harass or appease certain users. Another trick these networks use Submit a flood of reports about the account or content to remove the meta.

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