April 24, 2024


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Juan Valdez products now reach more than 170 customers in Canada

Juan Waltz announced his arrival to more than 170 customers across Canada through retail, corporate and online channels. Products of the identity brand of Coffee growers Procafecol, a company led by Colombians and Camila Escobar, will be distributed in restaurants, hotels, supermarket chains and retail markets across the North American country.

Canada moves a coffee market of $ 1,667 million annually, of which US $ 1,480 million applies to coffee beans or ground beans and US $ 186 million to instant coffee.

With this goal, Procafecol seeks to strengthen the company’s international expansion strategy in North America. Currently, Juan Waltz has a presence throughout the United States, positioning itself in chains such as Walmart, Whole Foods and CVS Pharmacy, major players in the retail channel in this country.

“Visiting Canada reflects a strong commitment to us because through our distributors, we can be present in the various consumer channels in the Canadian market and bring our country’s primary product quality and heritage,” says Sebastien Mejia, International Vice President of Juan Valdes.

Canadian consumers can discover the Juan Valdes portfolio, which focuses on lines of whole beans and ground coffee, frozen-dried (regular, caffeinated and flavored) and Curie type capsules.

“This new step in the company’s expansion plan once again demonstrates its commitment to creating shared value for more than 540,000 coffee growing households and enhancing its work, but the quality of its coffee is known internationally,” says Mejia.

Flavia Santoro, President of Procolombia, noted Juan Valdes’ new goal and the potential for expansion to other Colombian markets and manufacturers. “Coffee derivatives, such as roasted coffees in appearance, are possible in the US and Spanish markets, where there is a demand for better aromatic grains and value-added products such as Colombia,” Santoro confirms.

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Roberto Vélez Vallejo, general manager of the National Federation of Coffee Growers, said the world today offers more opportunities to integrate sales of Colombian coffee from the source. “We are going to internationalize our Colombian coffee market soon, and we hope this will serve as a platform for small producers to enter the international market,” Vallejo concludes.