July 24, 2024


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Panama was already thinking about how to attack Canada

Panama was already thinking about how to attack Canada

The Panama football team is still enjoying a pleasant moment in its recent history. The 1-0 win over the U.S. team on Sunday revived a team that had lost to El Salvador by the same score.

“We have a future with this approach! I’m not tired of saying” Together we are strength “… Continue to work … Desire ‘and’ partnership ‘.

“Now turn the page … we have to go to Canada to get points,” he insisted, but thanked God Caesar Yannis for the victory over the Americans. “It will be tough competition. Canada is a fast and powerful team in which we will work,” he said. “All of his colleagues are in good physical condition.

Now, Qatar should rejoice in trying to beat Canada, the next rival to end the FIFA World Cup qualifying date in 2022, which coincides with the 6th day of the CONCACOP final.

Yesterday, a total of 16 of the 27 selected were trained at Rommel Fernandez Court, and on Sunday the starters carried out rescue operations at the Concentration Hotel. Yesterday, the team landed in Toronto, Canada to prepare for the match.

Five days later, Mexico leads the rankings with 11 points, closing with the United States and Panama 8, Canada 7, Costa Rica 6, El Salvador 5, Honduras 3 and Jamaica 2. The first three places qualify directly for the World Cup, and the fourth goes to the international playoffs.

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