April 22, 2024


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Reporter Thomas Nef said 5 Canadian openers will return to the game against Panama

Choice Panama Come Canada Qatar is on its way to 2022 for the competition to close these three dates of the octagon.

To provide exclusive information, we zoomed in with Thomas Nef, a journalist working in the Toronto area. To La Candela.

“Canada is a game to be won, or if they don’t win, it gets complicated, it makes a weird sense because Canada played the game of their life in a historic match against Mexico, then draws with Jamaica in Kingston, Panama arrives at dawn and 6pm We know they’ll get domain recognition at 00:00. “

“One important thing is that 5 starters can be brought back to Canada.”

“The big problem is that the goals have stopped coming in. Initially they dropped all the opponents and now we are without Sail Lorraine and Lucas Cavallini who add 25 goals between the two,” Nef said.

In the last game Canada had to force 5 changes and 3, but now all the players have to return to face Panama tomorrow.

How Canadians see Panama

“Fans and the Canadian press, we thought it was like another Costa Rica, they are like El Salvador, but we are surprised that there are so many players out of the country on this team, mainly Thomas Nef of Spain, a Canadian land correspondent for A la Condola.

They are very close to selling 75% of the tickets allowed at the stadium in Canada.

Alfonso Davis

The problem is, he’s multi-functional, and the coach names him forward on all lists, with Bayern playing he’s left-back, but Davis playing high has benefited Canada against Mexico. He can be very dangerous on the field. “

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The Panama team hopes to gain their field recognition and prepare the final details of tomorrow’s fight that will end three times in the octagon.