May 30, 2024


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Peralda snatched victory in a controversial verdict in Canada

Peralda snatched victory in a controversial verdict in Canada

Argentina’s Yam Peralta dominated the undefeated Ryan Rosici at will, but lost points in the end with a slanderous referee. Softness.

Theft in Canada. The word was harsh, but there was no other merit that was more reasonable than that, and it was clear from its absence. The victim was Yamil Peralta, champion Argentina, South American and Latin Crusaders, from the doubles Olympians, inflicted the worst damage against Canadian knockout Ryan Rosicki.

Perralda suffered from such a controversial and unworthy decision, which was declared a local winner by points, Inside Twelve rounds after the World Boxing Council (WBC) clinched the vacant World Cruise Weight title in the World Cup eliminator at the Center 200 Stadium in Nova Scotia, Sydney, Canada last night.

A fundamental challenge for both, the undefeated Perralda, dominated Rosicrucian from start to finish and lost what was supposed to be wide and unobjectionable. Success. The Olympian had the clear advantage of being protected by his immense technical range, fast movements and great difference in accuracy. From medium and long distances, he combined left jabs and cross-up right hands to the face, which ended in swelling. Rosicki never found him, except to change the wind at the end of the fifth round. Very forward, the Canadian advanced but practically did not throw.

Through relentless tumult and rapid opposition, Peralta increased his dominance. Even at the age of nine, he was moved by a string of crosses and upper cuts from two fists to the cheek. Canadian, frustrated and fell into irregular, continuous violations. Sometimes boxing was the subject. Tenth, local referee Hubert Earle, deducted a point from Argentina when the offender was his rival.

After the final bell rang, Argentina began to celebrate. Opposite, landlord Crestfallon resigned and went to his corner. They both know who the winner is. Cards took a long time to be announced. It was for something. It became clear after reading. The three judges, all Canadians, declared indescribable, Wayne Gray 97-93 in favor of the local people and Robert McCoy 95-94. The only one who supported Perralda was Craig Smith, who ruled 95-94.

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