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Scandal with an Argentine boxer in Canada: he won the fight widely, they gave up for losing it and even his rival conceded defeat

Scandal with an Argentine boxer in Canada: he won the fight widely, they gave up for losing it and even his rival conceded defeat

Disgraceful defeat in a fight between Argentine player Yamil Peralta and Canadian Ryan Rosicki who recognized the victory in the ring

Yamil PeraltaThe dual Olympic representative and champion of Argentina, the South American and Latin Crusaders, suffered an incredible defeat in a fight in which he was the highest during the twelve rounds. Ryan RosickiDeclared winner of the International Crusade title at the end of an embarrassing split World Boxing Council (WBC), a world-class fight that was vacant, was the main event this Saturday evening at the Center 200 Stadium in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Rozicki was local and it required Peralta to pay for everything and try to define the bid by the KO, knowing that in a vote defeat he risked losing the fight. Images of the exchange TyC game They were strong and from the first round Tres de Fabrero’s native was more than his opponent.

In the first four sets Peralta showed his prowess as a result of his excellent movement, technique and accuracy for his shots. Only in the fifth round did Rosicki respond to a drop of Buenos Aires, he felt the effect of wear and tear until that moment.

Argentina responded again from the seventh round, making it clear that they deserved the belt for winning the Ecumenical title. The ninth round was very strong with right-left punches for the 30-year-old boxer. London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics.

In all three attacks Yamil Perralda’s superiority is seen against Canadian Ryan Rosicki

Rosicki resisted, stood on his feet and accomplished his goal to reach the referee’s decision. There was surprise when all three judges handed down their verdicts. The Canadian’s face of despair was clear and all expected his defeat. However, arbitrator cards known to have yielded defamatory results were: 97-93 (Wayne Gray) and 95-94 (Robert McCoy). Single Craig Smith (95-94) Peralta was considered the winner. The local public applauded his pride in being recognized by many aristocrats as the winner of Argentina. Raised left hand. The expression on the faces of the local reporter and commentator said it all.

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Yamil Peralta won the match. Must have been a legitimate winner”, The Canadian (15-1, 14 KOs) admitted in his testimonies during the official broadcast. Rosicki is ranked ninth in the WBC Cruiserweight world rankings.

“I thank the people of Sydney for their hospitality and love. To Mario Marcosian for winning this fight, Ryan for fighting equally and saying I won. I think I won the fight. I have to take the belt, ”said Yamil, who wore the Albicelest flag and unfairly lost his unbeaten record: 13-1, 6 Kos. However, it also completes the top ten in the aforementioned rankings.

Earlier Peralta warned: “I have come to win.” And because he showed up above the ring, he deserved the win, but he could not pick up the crown he was looking for in Canada. It’s time to train again and look for new opportunity.

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