July 15, 2024


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Canada: At least seven people are killed when a Spanish fishing boat with Peruvian crew sinks

Canada: At least seven people are killed when a Spanish fishing boat with Peruvian crew sinks

At least seven employees are dead and fifteen are missing Shipwreck A Fishing It occurred Monday night on a Galician beach CanadaRelief work continues after the rescue of three survivors.

The device was on an island off the east coast of Newfoundland on Tuesday morning Canada, To try Find more survivors Of these, 24 crew members traveled Boat It is located in the port of Marin in Galicia, an Atlantic region of northwestern Spain.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Transport, sixteen of the “Villa de Pidonso” sailors are Spanish citizens. The Spanish media pointed out that the rest were Peruvians and Canaanites.

At this time, seven people have been found dead, and three more have been rescued by the Spanish fishing boat “Playa Menduinas Dos”, the ministry told AFP, noting that “the reasons for what happened at present” are unknown.

Lieutenant Commander Brian Owens, of the Halifax-based Rescue Coordination Center (Canada), said Efe said the survivors and the dead were being held on a life raft. Fishing Who went to the area where the ship crashed.

Owens also pointed to the Department of Defense Canada Helicopter and aircraft are involved in search and rescue operations. Both planes could not find the remains of the fishing boat, so It is feared the entire boat may have sunk.

The Boat He was the victim of an “accident” and sent a warning signal that caused two ships to come to his aid, Rosa Quintana, Minister of Maritime Affairs of the Galician Regional Government, told reporters. All three rescued crew members were evacuated “by rescue helicopter from Canada”.

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Four boats were found after the shipwreck

The first news of the tragedy came shortly before when Pontevodra’s vice-president Micah Laripa announced that the “bodies” had been found after the sinking of “Villa de Pitankso”.

Towards Spanish Afternoon – Dawn Canada-, “Four life rafts were found (…)”, Lariba pointed out, and rescue services were able to access three of the four: two empty, completely empty, only one of them. [habĂ­a] The three survivors are in low-temperature shock because the water temperature at this time is terrible, very low, “he added.

Rescue crews are searching for a fourth boat.

The Spanish government “continues with concern and concern Search and rescue team“, Government spokeswoman Isabel Rodriguez told a news conference after the cabinet meeting.

He also promised that Spanish authorities would be more in touch with their Canadian counterparts to facilitate the device.

“The government is in constant contact with rescue services,” government leader Pedro Sanchez said on his Twitter page, sending his “love” to the families of the group members. (AFP)

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