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Newfoundland | Canada: Death toll rises to 10 in Spanish shipwreck in Canada; The group includes Peruvians | Pitanxo Villa | Spain | The world

Canadian rescue services announced Tuesday that the bodies of three more people aboard the tugboat have been recovered. Villa de Pitankso, with 24 crew members, sank early Tuesday morning off the Canadian coast off Newfoundland, most of them Spaniards, but also from Peru and Ghana, bringing the death toll to ten.

“Unfortunately, three more dead have been rescued from the sinking fishing boat,” the Canadian rescue service said on Twitter. Eleven people are still missing and three sailors have been rescued alive from the 24 people aboard.

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Regional Head of Galicia (Northwest Spain) – The place where the fishing boat appeared – Alberto Nunes Fijo, “There is a ship and a helicopter with all the technical characteristics for rescue,” he confirmed. Conversation with the Spanish Embassy in Canada.

Sources at Spain’s National Maritime Rescue Coordination Center have confirmed Efe The ship issued two warnings, but despite repeated attempts by authorities to contact them, no one responded.

Several fishing boats that were fishing in the area were involved in the rescue operation, which was able to communicate, one with Portuguese flag and the other with Spanish descent.

This is the latter He found a boat with three survivors and four bodiesIn addition to items from the shipwreck.

They were all on one of three life rafts discovered by Canadian authorities, two of which were found “completely empty” while the fourth lane is still being searched for missing.

All three employees who have been rescued so far have had “hypothermic shock”. According to a representative of the Spanish province of Pontevedra (northwest), the ship was based there because “the situation in Newfoundland waters was very bad and the water temperature was terrible.”

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Four meter waves

Brian Owens, lieutenant commander of the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax (Canada), told Efe today that the survivors and four dead were being placed on a life raft on a fishing boat that sailed to the area where the shipwreck occurred.

Owens also said the Canadian Department of Defense is assisting in the search and rescue efforts for a helicopter and a plane. It is feared the two planes may have sunk across the boat as they could not find the remains of the fishing boat.

Owens described sea conditions as “rough” with waves up to four meters high and only a quarter of a mile (about 500 meters) visible.

“We are continuing our search and rescue operations. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the group, ā€¯Owens said.

The signal from the emergency lighthouse was received from the fishing vessel to the Rescue Coordination Center just after midnight (0400 GMT) local time. The ruined site is located 250 nautical miles (about 460 km) east of the coast. Newfoundland.

Alfredo Martinez Serrano, the Spanish ambassador to Canada, told Efe that the Consul General in Montreal was currently traveling. Newfoundland To assist in the search and rescue of those aboard a Spanish fishing vessel.

Source: EFE / AFP

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