May 30, 2024


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Extreme fires have been reported in the western United States and Canada

The Brutal start Season Wildfire In the west United States and Canada Worse on Thursday Oregon erupted in dry and windy conditions A new incident in California has devastated communities Camp Fire D 2018.

U.S. .

The fire will continue to grow, and the very dry vegetation and climate are not in our favor, ”said Joe Hazel, who leads a group fighting nearly 92,000 hectares of fire in Oregon.

Burning through the equivalent 130 thousand football fields, The Bootleg Fire, 400 km south of Portland, is the largest active fire in the United States, emitting thick smoke from space covering neighboring Washington and parts of Idaho.

Regiments of Firefighters were dispatched from the scene It is as far as San Francisco to deal with the biggest fires that show “intense” growth through the drought-affected brush and in hot, dry and windy conditions.

It started a week ago and after destroying 21 houses and threatening nearly 2,000 people, officials say only 7% so far.

The incident was one of about 70 large fires engulfing about 405,000 hectares in the United States alone.

The Governor of the State of Montana, In the northwestern part of the country, declared a wildfire emergency throughout the region on Wednesday.

And in California, the newly emerged Dixie Fire began to progress near the city of Paradise, devastated by the worst campfire in 2018, the deadliest in the state’s modern history, killing 86 people.

The fire started two miles away [unos 3km de distancia], On the same road where the campfire occurred in 2018, ”David Little of the North Valley Community Foundation, created to help victims of that powerful incident, told the Los Angeles Times.

It’s really a ‘Teja V’ feeling, it’s complicated, “Little said.

The amount of Dixie Fire doubled on the local night, until now it was not, but was I was moving away from populated areas Like heaven.

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In other parts of California, Ignition Beckworth Complex, It is the largest of the two fires caused by lightning last week, which was close to 45,000 hectares on Thursday.

Last year was the worst acre burn in modern California history, but 2021 is even topping that record destruction. The fire season begins early and ends each year, while much of the state suffers from severe perennial drought.

In Canada, They have published Air quality warnings In various parts of British Columbia due to smoke coming from wildfires.

Until Thursday afternoon, that province was there 309 fire, of which 23 started In the last two days.

Scientists say the heat waves reached the west Eventually the United States and Canada June is “almost impossible” without man-made climate change.