July 25, 2024


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Work 3 months in Canada up to 46 thousand pesos per month

Work 3 months in Canada up to 46 thousand pesos per month

Have you ever wanted to live and work? Canada? Well this may be your moment Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Introduced some offers Work In that country.

Vacancies Work They are targeting Mexicans who want to live and work in Canada for three months, with some of them earning above the salary. 46 thousand pesos per month.

The basic and essential requirement for being selected for any job is that the interested party must have the required documents properly and enter the country legally.

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Job vacancies in Canada

Processor of crustaceans and mollusks

This is the first offer to open on the Secretariat’s official employment portal, and vacancies are available to work in El Etong-du-Nord, Grande-Entre and Quebec.

There are 30 positions because employers do not establish any age limit or a particular gender.

The work of the processor for crustaceans and molluscs is described as requiring 40 to 60 hours of work per week and the salary is 176.56 Mexican pesos per hour.

Tasks to be carried out include cleaning of used work areas and equipment, unloading of products and subsequent packaging delivery and packaging labeling and supervision.

Required Requirements: High school, two years experience in the field and completion of basic level of English

Tax worker

The job offer establishes that these job vacancies are for cities Canada Saint-Georges and Quebec.

They are demanding a three-month work stay, and the number of vacancies to be hired is six.

Although it is established that the accommodation must be obtained at the worker’s own expense, the employer comes forward to cover the entire transportation cost.

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40 hours of work per week for a salary of 46,700 Mexican pesos per month.

Tasks to be undertaken: Cleaning and inspecting machines, maintenance of machines to increase production and efficiency and handling of machinery and forklifts.

The only requirement for this job is to have a minimum of experience in this field.

If you are interested in any vacancies, you can request reports on the selection process at the National Employment Service offices by calling 800 841 2020.