December 10, 2023


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He fell in love with a Canadian, Uruguayan and created an album reminiscent of that story – TVshow – 03/19/2022

He fell in love with a Canadian, Uruguayan and created an album reminiscent of that story – TVshow – 03/19/2022

If there was a beautiful story, if there was in that story, in some way, an indescribable, almost magical element, a love would be hidden behind that mystery. Or how it a Canadian artist Want to record an album with Uruguayan musicians and record something of Uruguayan sound?

For love. Of course.

Annabel Svostek, 48, a singer, songwriter and producer from Toronto, has been in a relationship with Jimenez for more than 13 years, from Uruguay he settled on Canadian soil at some point in his life. They travel to Rio de la Plata every year together, and on one of those trips, he meets one of his wife’s lifelong friends. Ferdinand Rose.

Rosa is also a musician: violinist and producer, she is a member of the El Club de Toby and her cultural exchange with Annabelle is natural and immediate.

“We immediately joined the music, and over time he introduced me to some of the most incredible music, many great musicians,” Chvostek tells El Pice. “He added me to Carlos Cardinal’s Tangos, while we shared praise for bands like The Velvet Underground and Violent Fems, so we got a lot of meeting points. We had a common language from the beginning.

Before the cartel, before talking about velvet, before the roots, Chvostek heard Los Estomacos doing “compalache” in punk or post punk key. He listened to Leo Maslia and saw that he was “hilarious, critical, bombshell, weird.” And asked for the record Well matched De Ricagosa says he fell in love with his four guitars, comedy and scenes from contemporary life and “really”, that sound.

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For that reason this is also a love story.

Beginning in Gymnasium and expanding with Fernando Rosa, it was soon translated into music. The singer invited Uruguay to play the instrument for her album Rise In 2012, she shared some shows with him and eventually he started a project New album.

Effect Pearl stringThe material he released last year and was partly recorded at the Sondor Studio in Montevideo with various instrumentalists from Uruguay.

He will deliver it live tomorrow night at 8:00 pm at the Jawala Munis Hall of the Solis Theater. Rotational wave Organized by Sala Zitarrosa (temporarily closed). Tickets are available at Tickantel.

Chvostek says, “We are very pleased to present this album with strings, brass, strings and vocal harmonies the way we wanted to hear it.” He will be accompanied by 16 Uruguayan musicians directed by Rosa; Opening in the evening Samantha Navarro.

This love story that unites Canada with Uruguay includes folk, jazz, tango and other rhythms and styles that tell from the music at night.

You recently released a version of “Dance Me to the End of Love” by Leonard Cohen, one of the best Canadian singer-songwriters. Do you recognize any connection between Canadian and Uruguayan music?

– I think Leonard Cohen is an iconic presence in Canada, just as Alfredo Giderosa is here. They both write incredibly deep lyrics that shed light on difficult truths and paint poems that can overcome difficulties, which connects us with the beauty of things. I think the traditions of writing that song are very strong in both places. In terms of music, it was interesting to find Manuch jazz in Uruguay, and then it was interesting to find my own community in Toronto sharing this musical language.

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– How do you define Pearl string What do you mean at this point in your life?

Pearl string It was the culmination of more than a decade of learning about Uruguayan music culture and experiencing music with Fernando. This post is different from previous recordings because it’s more collaborative on songwriting and rendering, and the collaboration helped make some of the original ideas I’ve collected bigger than I could have imagined. I wanted to connect more and more with the music world I witnessed, and Fernando was the perfect collaborator to do that. This album is the culmination of so many years of contact with him and Uruguay.