April 12, 2024


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Honduras climbed five places in the FIFA rankings but Canada overtook us; The top 10 places in the world are the United States and Mexico – ten

Finally FIFA rankings It was revealed last May before the Nations League and June matches Gold Cup In Concacaf, Copa America and Eurocopa, released on August 12, it has caused many surprises in all federations.

The Honduran national team was in third place League of Nations Play in the Concoffs and the quarterfinals Gold Cup, Managed to climb five units from 67th to 62nd, but there were other teams with better performance and the jumps were as massive as in Canada.

According to. How many points do you think Honduras will be included in September?

Canadians entered the 70th round of the Gold Cup FIFA rankingsBut after going to the semifinals and doing a good job he went from 70th to 59th; There alone it dropped to 11th place, now it moves from seventh place in the Confederations Cup to now Honduras in fifth place.

This is the FIFA ranking in the Concope released this August after the Gold Cup.

It is one of the best performing teams in the region with a generation of these outstanding footballers in Canada. The North Americans are Honduras’ first rivals in the octagon in Montreal on September 2nd.

Another change that occurred in Concacaf This is the position of Jamaica, which was previously ranked third in the federation. It finished fourth now ahead of Costa Rica, now led by a Colombian coach. Luis Fernando Suarez Location Image.

But without a doubt, the biggest leap was made by Mexico and the United States. The stars and stripes move from 20th to 10th place in the world and compete with leading teams such as Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany and England.

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The Americans displaced powers such as the Netherlands, Uruguay, Denmark and Switzerland. For their part, the Mexicans advanced two points and 11 to 9 because they finished second in the Nations League and the Gold Cup.

Top 10 links
1. Mexico (9th world)
2. United States (10th globally)
4. Costa Rica (44th World)
5. Jamaica (50 World)
6. Canada (59th globally)
7. Honduras (63rd in the world)
8. El Salvador (64th in the world)
9. Panama (worldwide 74)
10. Curaோao (78 worldwide)

Top 10 countries
1. Belgium
2. Brazil
3. France
4. England
5. Italy
6. Argentina
7. Spain
8. Portugal
9. Mexico
10. USA