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IAPA highlights a program in Canada that forces sites to pay media

IAPA highlights a program in Canada that forces sites to pay media

This content was released on 11 April 2022 – 20:39

Miami, ap. 11 (EFE) .- The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) on Monday joined forces to “approve” a bill in the Canadian parliament to force the use of “large digital sites” in the media. Its contents.

“The Canadian case is good news for the region and opens the door for other countries to join this type of initiative,” IAPA President George Kanahuvati said in a statement today.

It is also one of the co-ordinating bodies of the so-called International and Regional Press Associations working to promote the sustainability of the media, and includes the Ibero-American Telecommunications Organization (OTI) and the Grupo de Diarios América (GDA). , News Media Canada (NMC, Canada), News Media Alliance (NMA, United States), among others.

Kanahuwati recalled last September that the working group “should prioritize the evaluation of press content on digital platforms and ensure conditions for fair and equitable compensation.”

On April 5, the Canadian Minister of Culture, Pablo Rodriguez, introduced Bill C-18 in the House of Commons, which at one time proposed “a joint and voluntary dialogue between media directors and directors of digital platforms.” 12 months.

As a SIP highlight, the text of the initiative states, “Negotiations should lead to the media paying for content that generates benefits through digital advertising.”

If an agreement is not reached after twelve months, a mandatory negotiation is established by the Radio-Television and Telecommunications Council of Canada.

“Right now, the health and future of the news industry, especially local news, are at stake. We want to ensure that the media and journalists are paid fairly for their work,” Rodriguez said of the reason for your bill.

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“Free and independent journalism is fundamental to our democracy,” Rodriguez said.

According to the IAPA, more than 450 Canadian media outlets have been shut down since 2008, while sales of digital advertising in the country reached $ 7,750 million by 2020, reaching 80% through Google and Facebook.

According to the SIP, “this bill is primarily aimed at Google and Facebook” and its reference contains the Digital Media and Platforms Negotiation Code, which was approved in Australia on February 25, 2021. EFE

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