June 23, 2024


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In Canada, they warn of the progress of the far right in the United States

In Canada, they warn of the progress of the far right in the United States

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The growth of far-right groups in the United States poses a serious threat to the survival of the democratic system in Canada. According to a report submitted this Tuesday by Canadian intelligence experts.

The report was written by the Ottawa University Working Group on National Security, which was formed by former directors of the Canadian Secret Service. Retired diplomats, academics and former ministers who have held key positions in Canadian public administration.

The panel warned of the danger of a possible victory for Canada over Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential election Or some other Republican politician with the same ideology.

“America’s growing trade protectionism also poses a serious threat to the Canadian economy,” the experts said, adding that the United States would be Canada’s key ally, but “It will also become a source of threat and instability.”

In addition, the authors linked the protests that rocked Canada earlier this year, It also culminated in the Ottawa occupation and the siege of border points by truck drivers, along with the political environment in the United States and far-right groups in both countries.

The report notes that support for the protests by media outlets such as Conservative American politicians and Fox News was not, in the usual sense, foreign intervention. “A greater threat to Canadian democracy than any government action.”


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