May 24, 2024


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Jim Kramer says sports fanatics should consider buying these 3 stocks

Jim Kramer says sports fanatics should consider buying these 3 stocks

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday presented three stock picks for investors who dream of owning a professional sports team but can’t afford to shell out billions of dollars.

“Owning common stock won’t let you give an opinion on trades or attend owners’ meetings, and go through the draft—you’re too long for a ride—but you have a real economic interest in those teams,” themad money‘ said the host.

He later added, “You have a lot of options if you want to own a part of a pro-sport team or even an entire league, but they aren’t always the best stocks.”

Here is a list of three stocks that Kramer recommends:

  1. Liberty Braves Collection
  2. Formula One group
  3. Endeavor Group

“I love Liberty Braves. I love this Formula 1 for the pure plays and Endeavor for the live entertainment and this amazing UFC player,” he said.

Kramer added that he thinks Madison Square Garden Sports And the Manchester United “Fairly acceptable,” noting that Alawwal’s stock is “completely undervalued, but there isn’t necessarily a good way to unlock that value.”

As for Manchester United, Cramer said that while the team could get a boost If the rival franchise is sold to Chelsea Football Club At a good price, it still “has something with better financial services”.

Disclosure: Endeavor’s talent agency represents Jim Cramer.

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