May 30, 2024


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John Cooper will lead Canada in Beijing 2022

Circumstances of the Govt-19 epidemic led to the burning of the Olympic cauldron in Tokyo, which was extinguished a year later than expected, L.A.Beijing has only half a year left to light the ace. Also the teams participating in the Olympic hockey tournament begin the work of tuning and preparing for the event.

Canada, The king of the game of hockey, Undoubtedly prepare this appointment with serious ambitionGold is only aimed at the heads of Canadian federation leaders, so there is nothing better than leading the team John Cooper, The Winner of the last two Stanley Cup With Tampa Bay Lightning.

The technician is known for his tactical diversity and ability to face the competitive game, he will be the leader of a dream technical team because he will be the assistant coach Peter Deboyer (Golden Knights of Vegas), Bruce Cassidy (Boston Bruins) and another great tactical genius, Barry Trots (New York Islanders).

Cooper is no stranger to a highly competitive world with the sponsorship of IIHF In 2017 he won Friday as Canada’s head coach World IIHF. In national hockey he was an assistant to the North American team World Cup Of 2016.

Temporary pending events

All this will go Finally the NHL players helped in the loss of Beijing 2022, A skeptical presence in everything around the epidemic that affects us today, but only if Chinese organizers can deal with their Japanese neighbors The ambition of Gary Bedman Fishing in the Chinese market, Should occur.

With the players of the best leagues in the world finally not attending this meeting, A new training staff will be appointed By the Canadian Federation, The NHL schedule will be adjusted again To take advantage of the two weeks given in principle for the Olympics.

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