July 24, 2024


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Justin Trudeau condemned the destruction of churches and statues of kings in Canada

Justin Trudeau condemned the destruction of churches and statues of kings in Canada

Prime Minister Canada, Justin Trudeau, This Friday condemned the church fire and the waves of carnage that caused the damage and demolition of the monuments.

These actions have provoked anger and pain within and beyond tribal communities, following the recent discovery of more than 1,000 unnamed graves in former tribal boarding schools. Dark Colonial History North American country.

“It is unacceptable and false that there are riots and fires all over the country, including against Catholic churches. […] I understand the anger against the federal government, against such companies (over inventions) The Catholic ChurchTrudeau told a news conference.

Asked Reconciliation

According to Trudeau, these actions were “completely understandable” rather than the “shameful history” of tribal schools. Canada, But Canadians are considered to be committed to reconciliation Do not destroy.

National holiday CanadaOn Thursday, it was marked by a sharp countdown to the past of its British colony, with several cities canceling celebrations.

Ten coal churches were destroyed, and protesters removed a statue in Winnipeg Queen Victoria From its base in the Legislature of Manitoba, and is close to Queen Elizabeth II.

Report from Europe

Ann Britain, The government in a statement condemned the demolition of the statues of the two queens.

“Our thoughts are with the tribal community Canada In the wake of these tragic (grave) discoveries, we are closely following these issues and continuing to work with the Canadian government on domestic issues, ”the statement said.

Until the 1990s, about 150,000 Canadian Indian, Inuit and Medes youths were forcibly enrolled in 139 boarding schools run by the Catholic Church on behalf of the government.

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