July 15, 2024


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Keenu Reeves presents The Matrix: Resurrections in Canada

Keenu Reeves presents The Matrix: Resurrections in Canada

“It’s always good to be back,” the actor said. Kinu Reeves Has arrived in Canada to deliver the new tape The Matrix: Resurrections.

The Canadian actor recently expressed his satisfaction at the premiere in Toronto ahead of the premiere of the science fiction film in which he plays the protagonist.

Reeves Appeared on the black carpet in a majestic black dress performed at the Cineplex Scotiabank Theater.

Shortly after posing for the photographers, he expressed his gratitude for the love and support Canada has been giving to his work, especially The Matrix Saga.

It’s good to be here and I really enjoy it, especially now that the public can see this film and I hope they like it, ”said the actor, who was born in Beirut and grew up in Toronto. He later acquired nationality.Canadian.

Fans were amazed to see the actor in the halls of the film complex. Reeves set aside time to take photos with fans and give them some autographs, despite security elements trying to control the large number of people around him.

El Scotiabank Theater Changed to a different look, which exemplifies the characteristic rain of green lights that symbolize the popular computer code by the owner. The Matrix, The effect achieved by the technical effects of the high definition projection used.

As these lights continued to flow through the screens and walls, they invaded all parts of the movie theater, from its entrance, through escalators, and into the rooms.

This effect allowed the fans to feel within the handled environment of Saga.

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The Matrix: Resurrections 18 years after The Matrix Revolutions’ last film in 2003, Gary brought back fan-favorite characters Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity starring Anne-Mass. Wachowski The film is set to release on December 22 in international theaters, including Mexico.

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