December 3, 2023


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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson Pushes Twitter for DK Metcalf, Sauce Gardner

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has had no qualms in recent days about expressing his opinions regarding the players he thinks the team should add.

on Sunday, pitch foot To the recipient Seahawks DK Metcalfe, which was the subject of ongoing business conversations. Monday, Jackson make a call For the incoming upward angle gardner sauce to play in Baltimore.

As for the number one spot from Jackson, the Ravens don’t seem to be the type of team that would give up significant business assets to a player who would then issue a market-wide contract. Especially at a time when the Ravens were unable to persuade Jackson to engage them in a long-term deal that would set relatively manageable numbers in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

In fact, even if the Ravens didn’t go after Metcalf (and likely won’t), it would be a good occasion for them to point out to Jackson that no such moves can happen until Jackson signs a long-term deal.

Regarding Gardner, someone suggested that Jackson might not know how the draft works. Jackson said in response,Believe me I know I went 32. “

The Ravens are currently the 14th selection in the first round. They would definitely need to level up to get Gardner. This is more likely than trading Metcalf, because beginners come up with manageable initial contracts. Just like Jackson did. Which was good for four years, but is now awkward because the crows can’t get Jackson to the table to talk about a new deal.

It’s unclear how seriously Jackson takes any of this. He noted after Metcalfe’s tweet that people will now “speculate all kinds of things”. Jackson added, “Hey but from Twitter let me tweet. “

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The Ravens would definitely prefer to spend less time tweeting and more time (any) talking to them about his next decade.