June 12, 2024


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Level 5 Launches New Ni no Kuni Game in the West - Featuring Crypto and Blockchain, Will Add NFTs

Level 5 Launches New Ni no Kuni Game in the West – Featuring Crypto and Blockchain, Will Add NFTs

Level 5 may be curtailed its western operationsbut it is still launching new titles in this part of the world.

Follow-up from the local launch of Fantasy Live Online For mobile last December, the free game was released to download now Ni no Kuni: Across Worlds For computers and smartphones with the help of the Korean developer Netmarble.

As stunning as the trailer (which features “actual gameplay footage” and references a collaboration with popular Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli), this game isn’t quite as innocent as it sounds.

As highlighted Kotakuit’s already full of “cryptographic bullshit”:

“This is actually a gacha game that also has b***s** cryptocurrency baked into it. Netmarble has its own wallet of cryptocurrency called Marblex, and as this site helpfully points out, players can take in-game items, exchange them for Asterite tokens or Territe from Netmarble (which are coins you can trade on Marblex), and then trade them for other cryptocurrencies.”

And here is a picture of the exchange process taken directly from the game’s website:

picture: Level 5, Netmarble

If that wasn’t enough already, then The first page of the site It also mentions the “blockchain system” in place, and the game’s roadmap includes adding NFTs in the fourth quarter of 2022…

“Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds uses a blockchain system based on gameplay, giving players who enjoy Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds the opportunity to earn tokens through gameplay.

“Players can get two types of tokens in Ni no Kuni: the Cross Worlds blockchain system, and our team will do everything we can to preserve the value of the token.”

Ni no Kuni Across Realms
picture: Level 5, Netmarble

Level Five, as mentioned earlier, had reduced its focus to the West. Its most recent release on Switch was a Japanese-only mechanical RPG, Megaton Musashi.

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If all of this somehow got you in the mood for Ni no Kuni, here are some excellent Ni no Kuni games to try on Switch: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch And the Ni no Kuni II: Kingdom of the Revenant. Level 5 is also known by other series like Eleven InazumaAnd the Professor Layton and the Yo-kai watch.

How do you feel about turning the Ni no Kuni series into a mobile and PC game like this one? Leave your thoughts below.