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Mary Simon: Mary Simon becomes Governor-General of Canada, the first Indigenous to hold office |  International

Mary Simon: Mary Simon becomes Governor-General of Canada, the first Indigenous to hold office | International

Mary Simon takes office as Governor-General of Canada on July 26 in Ottawa.Sean Gilpatrick / A.P.

Mary Simon officially became Governor-General Canada (Official Representative Queen of England, Who is the head of state of Canada). Simon was the first person from a tribe to reach this state, which was created 154 years ago. “I promise to work for all Canadians,” he said in his speech at the ceremony, stressing that Canada must advance the path of unity. Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister noted: “In this time of unprecedented change, we need your vision for a strong country for all, to rebuild the epidemic, to fight the climate crisis, to move forward on the path to reconciliation.”


Simon was born in 1947 in Kangxiwalujjuak, an Inuit township in the Nunavut region (province). Quebec). He worked on public radio broadcasting for Arctic communities and was the chairman of the Inuit Tabrid Canadian, an organization representing the Inuit nationwide. He was Canada’s ambassador to Denmark and the country’s representative to the Arctic Council. Justin Trudeau announced on July 6 the appointment of Mary Simon as Governor-General. Trudeau chose her from a list of candidates prepared by a panel after her predecessor Julie Boyd stepped down on January 21. The former astronaut received numerous allegations of workplace harassment. Chief Justice Richard Wagner accepted his duties on an interim basis.

The appointment and inauguration of Mary Simon as Governor-General of Canada has passed in a very important context for the country, with the discovery of more than 1,300 unmarked graves in the past two months. In four former boarding schools for tribal children. Simon said the findings “frightened her.”

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Regarding the latest Wildfires, droughts and extreme temperatures in CanadaHe pointed out: “The dual global crisis caused by the destruction of nature and climate change is undoubtedly the challenge of our time.” Mary Simon read her text in Inuktitut and English, sometimes using French phrases. Knowledge of the two official languages ​​of the Governors General of Canada was a tradition, but not a necessity. Raymond T ஆணையberg, commissioner of official languages, said he had received hundreds of complaints from members of the country’s francophone communities as a result of Simon’s recommendation. The new Governor General of Canada has promised to take French lessons. However, he underscored the value of his first language, Inuktitut, and said that English was a basic vehicle for communicating with other realities. Simon did not have the opportunity to learn French at a young age because it was not taught at the federal school he went to.

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