April 22, 2024


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Mexico has never lost to Canada in the play-off round

Mexico City.— The Mexican football selection He is in his last workout, stepping on the green grass before that Aztec Ground To receive attendance Canada selection, With five units, has been enjoying the best moment in the Concacaf qualifying rounds since becoming vice-president of the octagonal final.

Led by John Hertman, they have shown that they are the new generation of Maple Leap and that they are one of the candidates from the last Gold Cup to fight for one of the exclusive venues to qualify for the next Qatar World Cup 2022.

This vibration and character is manifested in the current qualifying rounds Cancacaf, No matter how great the achievement they plan to defeat Mexico Inside the Colossus of Santa Ursula, they are treated as one of the most complex, with only 1 point due to six appearances, which was derived from the draw.

Receiving the El Tri was held at the Mayor’s office building in Coyoacán, Canada, within the Concacaf qualifying round, with six different occasions and a draw of five wins. National selection, A significant balance between the two, many years ago.

Canada vs. Mexico in Azteca
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On the way to the 1982 World Cup in Spain, the Canadians surprised the tri color at the Azteca Stadium. That 1-1 spread, to this day, is the best result the “Les Rouges” team has ever achieved in Mexico.

Mexico’s victory over Maple Leaf marked their 2-1 victory in the qualifying round on their way to Germany in 1974. On the way to the United States in 1994, a 4-0 victory was recorded, the same scoreboard in the direction of France in 1998, and a new victory in 2002 against Korea and Japan, now 2-0.

Andres Cordet scored against Canada
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The most current expiration date on the way to the 2018 World Cup in Russia was recorded, again 2-0. On Thursday, October 7, the 6th win will be sought against “The Kanex” team. The game is scheduled for 8:40 pm (Mexico time) and 7:40 pm (Culiacan time).

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