July 24, 2024


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Micron: US, Brazil and Canada suspend flights from some African countries due to new variant of Govt disease |  Community

Micron: US, Brazil and Canada suspend flights from some African countries due to new variant of Govt disease | Community

Biden responded to reporters’ questions about the new variant of the corona virus this Friday.Mandel Nangan (AFP)

The United States, Brazil and Canada on Friday copied the European Union’s decision to suspend flights from some African countries due to the progress of a new variant of the corona virus known as Omigron E. First detected in South Africa. The measures were announced on the day the World Health Organization warned that the new strain has a high number of mutations, some of which are related. In addition, the creature warned that, according to the first scientific evidence, it was a representation “Risk of re-infection” As for other types.

Upon learning of this, the White House banned flights from eight African countries to the United States. “The Omigron variant was explained to me by Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Tony Fossie and members of our Govt Response Team,” President Joe Biden said in a statement. These new restrictions will take effect on Monday, November 29th. “We will always guide what science and my medical team advise,” the president said.

Biden used the opportunity to remind people that those who already have a complete vaccination schedule will be safe if they decide to take the booster dose, for extra safety during the Christmas season.

Canada has joined the ban to prevent further spread of the new variant of the corona virus. Transport Minister Omar Alcabra has said foreigners traveling to South Africa have been barred from entering the country for the past 14 days. Also, in your message Twitter account, Said Canadian citizens coming from the area must be tested for the corona virus.

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The sign of the new strain led the Brazilian health watchdog (Anvisa) this Friday to recommend to the government to suspend the landing of travelers from South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and six other African countries. Namibia and Zimbabwe. “This is a variant with very serious characteristics and, apparently, requires immediate action from world health authorities,” Antvisio Barra Torres, director of Anvisa, justified in a statement to the press. “We have already sent our technical specifications to the Ministries of Health, Infrastructure and Justice.

Anvisa’s role is to provide health recommendations that are considered technically appropriate, but it is up to the executive to make definitive decisions. This Friday, the head of the Brazilian Civil House promised to close the border to travelers from six African countries starting next Monday. Before concluding, Brazilian President Jair Bolzano was skeptical: “What madness is this? Airport closed, virus free? It’s already here, “he told supporters who asked him about the issue in Brasilia, and the new wave of Covit-19s is” unfortunately “happening.

At this time, other countries in the region have not announced concrete measures against the new variant of the corona virus. Meanwhile, South African Health Minister Joe Pahla said the international reaction to the discovery of the new strain was “unfair and unresponsive”. According to the official, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that the new variant is very severe or contagious (although there are indications that it may be more contagious due to the increasing number of cases in South Africa in recent days). “There is no evidence that vaccines have lost effectiveness through this variation,” he added.

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