July 23, 2024


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Miramar Beach will be upgraded in Canada;  Seek to bring in investors

Miramar Beach will be upgraded in Canada; Seek to bring in investors

City of Maduro /

State officials have announced In order to attract visitors in the winter, Miramar Beach will be upgraded in Canada Among the serious health measures to prevent the spread of Govt-19.

Edgar Eduardo Solis Islas, Under Secretary of State for Tourism Promotion, said. It aims to take advantage of the fact that Canadian tourism does not have many restrictions on travel to Mexico., Ciudad Madero’s maximum walking is one of the options for obtaining international certification.

“If time permits, we are ready with an incentive strategy to participate in important activities such as winter Texas, which we see not only in the Texas Valley, but fortunately in Canada there is no barrier for them to go to Mexico.”

During a meeting with Mayor Adrian Oseguerra Gernian, he noted that the issue of Miramar Beach and the strategy to attract winter Texas as winter approaches were discussed.

“If we develop an approach to promote it this winter in order to attract winter looking for where to spend the winter, they can spend it as a place on Miramar Beach.”

Solis Islas mentioned it Fortunately, South Tamoulibas is one of the safest areas in the country, which is conducive to attracting national and foreign visitors to Miramar Beach.

Therefore, the strategy is to use an effective health protocol to minimize the risk of Govit-19 infection.

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