February 29, 2024


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MLB Vladimir Guerrero Jr sings Canada anthem in English

MLB Vladimir Guerrero Jr sings Canada anthem in English

Latin bowlers were criticized for not speaking openly English For not learning the language during their interview with the media or while playing Major League Baseball (M.L.P.) One of them is Vladimir Guerrero Jr., but more recently Vladi expressed his proficiency in the language by singing the National Anthem of Canada.

The official social networks of Toronto Blue Jaze have enthusiastically shared the moment when Vladimir Guerrero Jr. took his nationality and sang the lines of the Canadian national anthem.

The young infielder sat in the dugout with some of his Blue Jays team, showing off the pride of his home country, as well as his English prowess.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a Canadian citizen born in this North American country. However, according to his descent he is also a citizen of the Dominican Republic.

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