May 30, 2024


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Myths and facts about how to immigrate to Canada

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There are dozens of ads and misinformation with headlines like ‘Canada pays immigrants to live in their country’ And ‘Canada seeks youth to increase population’, Some criminals use it to deceive and seduce the careless who want to create a new life in this country.

Faced with this wave of misinformation, Angelica Gonzalez Blanco, Valuable Lawyer and Immigration Trainer (Immigration Coach), Spoke with Infobe Columbia And revealed what are the most common myths that exist when migrating to Canada.

According to an expert from Barranquilla, this is also one of the few countries that has an immigration initiative policy, but it is wrong to say that it is paying or trying to increase the population in its territory.

“Canada is a country that believes in immigration and immigration, so there is a policy for those who want to live and come here in a different way, but only if they meet the requirements established by law. Not all people can live here if they have children or have children, and those with the right profile can do it.” He said.

Similarly, Angélica González reiterated that one of the basic requirements for thinking about migrating to this country is to speak any of its languages ​​(English or French), have strong financial assistance and have a technical, technical or professional career. As well as experience in business.

However, There are more than 100 types of visas, each of which requires a different process, so be warned that there is no “perfect formula” for seeking legal residency there. In the same way, he makes it clear that each immigrant represents a different and special case, “so working for one does not work for another.”

“Actually, there’s a false belief that looking at a Colombian YouTuber living in Canada and saying, ‘Look at this guy from the country who doesn’t know English here, he’s already got a job!’ But the process is not so easy. Not real, ”said the immigration legal expert.

In addition, it is important to note The vast majority (almost 50%) of those selected for permanent residence are selected through programs Economic migration; In other words, they are the ones who can come to the country with their own resources and stay there until they start making a profit from their work.

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The rest of the ‘immigrant bag’ in Canada is shared by petitioners and the family class for compassionate and humanitarian reasons.

“If you look at those other options, the person seeking political asylum does not need to show English or money, but to show that their lives are in danger in their country of birth and that they need protection; family members must not meet basic needs, but to prove that their citizenship family is allowed to enter the country Should, “Angelica Gonzalez added in her conversation with Infobe Colombia.

Finally, the lawyer invited those who would like to read more about it to read his latest work ‘Do not lose your freedom by migrating to Canada’, Through which he exposes his experience in the field of immigration and becomes a non-filtering guide to real information to initiate the migration process not only to this country but to any other country.

“This book is going to expel you for what you want, but the immigration process, anywhere in the world, will always be complicated, it will make you understand that it has to go through it; I say it through “Gonzalez Blanco finished.

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