April 13, 2024


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Opportunity: Canada offers 327 job opportunities for foreign professionals

Quebec is at the forefront, A portal that specializes in guiding people who want to live Canada, Often publishes official information about opportunities So foreigners can go to the North.

One of them Quebec World Days, An international job call, Organized by the government Quebec, it merges 327 jobs Management, Hotel and Catering, Engineering, Manufacturing and Manufacturing, Audiovisual Production, Health, Information Technology and Transport and Mechanics.

The initiative seeks out companies that do not find local workers Find qualified employees in other parts of the world. That is, people are entering Canada Temporary workersHowever, once the permit period expires, there are immigration options.

Those interested in working in Canada must meet the language and experience requirementsiStock

The Canadian government has emphasized this Only those who meet the requirements of the position they want should apply, Highly qualified or experienced applicants who do not fit into the vacancy will not be considered and will be disqualified.

“Join this call for work from anywhere in the world and find quality work in Quebec, Canada,” the call said.

Pepsi, Nmedia, GFT Technologies Canada Inc., Solotech and Stantec Some companies looking for employees. To know the offers, You can enter hereI.

Once you know the offers available, Create only one profile My Account Québec En Téte. There they ask for name, surname, email and password. After registering, you can find out more about the call and apply.

162 offers are targeted at engineers
162 offers are targeted at engineersiStock

I know Must have knowledge of French language, Because it is the official language of the city. In fact, the profile and CV must be completed in that language.

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There is a deadline for those interested to register Until February 25, 2022. If you are one of the electors, the Canadian government will contact you There will be many virtual interviews, Will be held from 14th to 25th February.

You see the page for more information Quebec is at the forefront.