July 24, 2024


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PSG to sell after 2022 World Cup

PSG to sell after 2022 World Cup

The Qataris received the 2022 World Cup, which should take place at the end of the year. But PSG’s success after the change of ownership did not lead to an increase in the popularity of the oil-rich country in Europe, and in France in particular. Economically, such investments have never been a business. For example, Chelsea owes Abramovich about 1.5 billion pounds, and it is unlikely that Roman Arkadyevich will see this money – not a single buyer will overpay for the club so much to cover its market value and return to the billionaire everything that was called a loan. The Qataris are friends with Čeferin, so so far PSG have not been punished for financial tricks, and after the pandemic, UEFA’s financial rules have been revised. You can continue to do bet in 22Bet Senegal right now.

But this does not mean that the costs will justify themselves, at least in terms of creating a positive image. The Parisians love their home club, they like that we are talking about the championship of the country. But this is not enough to turn PSG into an international brand with huge real incomes. Now the French are in the high sixth place in terms of turnover in the world of rich football, but half a billion earned is frankly not enough if the club is handing out generous personal contracts to Donnarumma, Ramos, Hakimi, Neymar, Mbappe and Messi. From the very beginning, no one thought that the invested billions would return. So, commercially the project is doomed to oblivion.

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Sheiks from Manchester City believe that Guardiola will be able to take the country’s Champions Cup again. PSG sheiks see Leonardo and other managers betting on managers who can’t make it to the Champions League final. And Tuchel was expelled at the wrong moment – he brought a series of trophies to Abramovich. Nasser Al-Khelaifi is a kind of Roman Abramovich under the Qatari princes, he also has a huge fortune, he has been associated with the Parisian club for the eleventh year. They will be grateful to him for pulling the club out of debt – his company bought the club for 50 million euros and distributed loans.

The Qatar National Foundation really wanted the then presidents of France and UEFA, Sarkozy and Platini, to support the country’s bid for the 2022 World Cup. The Qataris also entered the European football broadcast market, as the Paris office of the international sports channel appeared. European football officials are already winning here, because the Qataris paid for the rights of tournaments under the auspices of UEFA and FIFA. Coincidentally, Platini’s son suddenly turned out to be a lawyer and quite by accident he was hired to work for a Qatari foundation. But all similar stories end the same way – having played enough, the monarchs find new fun.

When the turnover is about half a billion, and the club is five times more expensive, it is obvious that the owners “pumped” the company with money. But again we see a coincidence – UEFA lawyers overdue the deadline for submitting documents during verification and the club, whose president, it just so happened, is a small world, is friends with the UEFA president, was able to fight off the accusation of overstating sponsorship contracts. But why buy Neymar for 222 million euros, overpay for many players and offer incredible contracts to football stars?

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The goal of Al-Khelaifi and the Sheikh of Qatar is to win the Champions League. It cannot be said that the club managers do nothing to earn real money, because in the world of sports fashion they have one of the first places. Everything related to clothes, sneakers or online sales promotion works. But it all works, as long as the club on contracts Mbappe, Messi and Neymar – three indecently popular football players in the world who work in different markets, have gathered a fan base from all continents. And neither of them wants to play for PSG. Lionel ended up in Paris by accident, Neymar cannot be sold, and Mbappe can only be torn away from Real Madrid by an insane personal contract.