April 22, 2024


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Reasons why you may be denied entry into Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act International | News

The Canadian government has set certain conditions for foreigners to enter its territory. The main reasons for being denied a visa in that country are related to the risks to the health or safety of the nation, which are defined Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

If a person is found to be ineligible and, despite the dangers, shows a reason for entry, the government may issue a temporary residence permit at a cost of C $ 200, but does not guarantee that entry will be permitted and permitted. Country.

Requirements for traveling from Ecuador to Canada with a work permit

Reasons why they are denied a visa in Canada

  • Driving under the influence of intoxicants or drugs including cannabis.
  • Participate in spying against the interests of Canada.
  • Being part of or inciting sabotage against any government, institution or democratic process.
  • Associated with terrorism.
  • Engage in acts of violence that endanger the lives or safety of Canadians.
  • The perpetrator of crimes such as robbery, assault, drug trafficking and murder.
  • Danger to Canada’s security.
  • Commit human rights violations and crimes such as genocide, war crime, conspiracy or crime against humanity.
  • Being a senior government official subject to international sanctions or related to human rights violations.
  • Being part of an organized crime.
  • Risk to public health or increased demand for community health services.
  • Incorrect information.
  • Having a family member who is not allowed.
  • Exceeds already approved stay in Canada.
  • Who studied or worked in the country without proper permission.
  • Attempt to enter without permission after deportation from Canadian territory. (I)