May 30, 2024


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Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov is waging a "crazy war" in Ukraine

Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov is waging a “crazy war” in Ukraine

Russia’s brutal attack on its neighbor began nearly two months ago. UN agencies say thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been killed and wounded, and millions have fled the country.

The Russian businessman, who founded Tinkoff Bank in 2006, claimed in an Instagram post on Tuesday that 90% of Russians oppose the war and that that Kremlin officials They were in shock that they would no longer be able to spend the summer in the Mediterranean.

“I don’t see a single beneficiary from this crazy war,” he wrote.

Western sanctions have frozen nearly $300 billion in Russian reserves and plunged the economy into a deep recession. Dozens of global companies have exited the country, and the European Union has closed its airspace to Russian airlines and aircraft.

“Kremlin employees are in shock that they are not alone but their children will not go to the Mediterranean this summer. Businessmen are trying to salvage what is left of their property,” he wrote.

Referring to the mysterious symbol that appeared on Russian tanks that has become a sign of popular support for the war in Russia, Tinkov said that “there are idiots who write the letter Z but there are about 10% idiots in all countries. 90% of Russians are idiots. Against This war.”

Turning to English at the end of his post, he called on the West to “give Mr. Putin a clear way out to save his face and stop this massacre”.

“Please be more reasonable and humane,” he added.

Followed by Tinkoff’s call for peace Similar calls From other Russian business leaders.
Russian Lukoil Oil Company He called for an end to the conflict in Ukraine. oligarchs Mikhail Friedman and Oleg Deripaska He spoke against the conflict in late February after the Russian invasion.

Friedman, who was born in western Ukraine, wrote in a letter to staff that he wanted to “end the bloodshed.” In a post on Telegram, Deripaska said: “Peace is very important! Negotiations must start as soon as possible!”

And two weeks ago, the head of the Russian Metallurgical Corporation Rosal called for an impartial investigation In the killing of civilians in the town of Bucha during the occupation of the town by Russian forces.