July 25, 2024


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Satellite images show a new stage of Russia’s military readiness

Satellite images show a new stage of Russia’s military readiness

Satellite images collected this weekend show a clear shift in Russia’s military deployment around Ukraine. In contrast to the Large scale deployments visible in photos Over recent weeks, some smaller deployments have now appeared. Many units or troops have been deployed outside bases or training areas, with some stationed along tree lines, according to an analysis by Maxar Technologies, which published the photos.

Russian units also continue to approach the border with Ukraine. Videos circulated on social media in recent days showed the transport of military vehicles. One Video posted on TikTok It captured a Russian military deployment less than five miles from the Ukrainian border.

Most of these sites are in Belgorod In western Russia, 25 miles from the border, which has recently seen an increase in military activity. In addition to the movement of vehicles, a new helicopter landing site has been established over the past two weeks.

The Times’ visual investigations team, as well as external researchersMilitary activity in the area was tracked. However, the area had been overcast for several days, making it difficult to collect conventional satellite images. But there were a few clouds around Belgorod on Sunday. New images revealed new trails in the snow, prompting analysts filling in the images to focus on small deployment sites near the tree line.

New results come after US intelligence officials He claimed that 40 to 50 percent of the 150,000-plus Russian forces surrounding Ukraine had moved from preparation to combat formation.

Maxar’s analysis indicated that most of the combat units and equipment of Soloti, a military garrison outside Valuyki, had left and that “large tracks of vehicles and some convoys of armored equipment” were seen in the area.