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Scholarships for Colombians in Canada: What Opportunities Are There – People – Culture

Scholarships for Colombians in Canada: What Opportunities Are There – People – Culture

By the end of 2023, the government Canada Prioritize students and workers who add value to the national economy and provide more than 1.2 million permanent residences. It attracted the attention of many young people who wanted to study there to start their career abroad.

Considering that only 1% of international students are Colombians (according to the Canadian Office for International Education) by 2020, more and more educational institutions are offering opportunities to Latin American nationals.

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C $ 10,000 scholarship is awarded.

One of these is the Canadian Private University University of Canada West (UCW), has its campus in Vancouver, focuses on business and has more than 4,000 students.

This educational institution, MBA program is one of the best in Canada Scholarships A Colombian students Interested in Business Administration, Foreign Trade, Human Resources, Marketing, Leadership, Management etc.

This limited scholarship is equivalent to studying for a bachelor’s, master’s or master’s degree 60% in an education. The aid costs an average of 10,000 Canadian dollars (just 31 million Colombian pesos).

The scholarship will start studying in January next year, therefore, it is recommended that the application and other processes be carried out from this August.

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How to apply for a scholarship?

EdooConnect, A site dedicated to the relocation of Latin citizens to Canada, mediated to apply for scholarships offered by UCW.

The company is responsible for advising on scholarship applications, advising on the completion of the letter of encouragement, and assisting in the collection of educational documents required by the organization.

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99% of Colombians who applied for UCW projects were accepted and received their scholarships.

According to the site, 99% of Colombians have applied for UCW programs Accepted They also receive scholarships.

Keep in mind that the estimated response time is one month to find out if the scholarship has been approved. After this, you should continue the process Get a visa And temporary residence as a student, can take 8 to 12 weeks.

After receiving the scholarship and joining the university, the visa process to follow and the temporary residence as an international student, if they decide to come to this country it is only for the person or their family The response time for visa and residence is 8 to 12 weeksEdooConnect reported.

For more information, you can go to the Intermediate site by clicking here Here)

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