July 15, 2024


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SOS Location is the new Multitel Pagliero distributor in Canada

Multidel Bucklero SOS, a specialist in sales, rental and transportation of machinery throughout Canada, has signed a major distribution agreement with SOS Location in Langue, Quebec. Roberto Marangoni, Multitel Pagliero’s International Sales Manager, is very pleased with the ever expanding market: SOS Location Communication allows us to have a greater presence in the Canadian market, and the company works closely with other Italian companies. Has strengthened our will.


Left to right: Renzo Pagliero, Philip Lavigne, Fabio Pagliero and Roberto Marangoni.

The relationship with the Canadian company began a few months ago, when the company’s chairman and CEO, Philippe Levigne, sent two trucks to the Monta factory to collect MTE 270 and MT 162 kits. Visiting work to verify the results and agreeing to send two models was an opportunity to define the terms of the agreement, which translates the SOS location into the new Multitel Pagliero distributor in Canada.

Philip Lavigne delighted with the process: “Our team is proud to follow our vision for development with Multitel Pagliero equipment and products. We feel your commitment and vision for the future of the access industry in every conversation. All businesses will be pleased with the lightweight units now available in vehicles.

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