April 24, 2024


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Tesla will soon be offering the FSD system in Canada “in 2 to 4 weeks”

Deployment of the system “Complete self-driving” The FSD de Tesla Continue. It is convenient to put in quotes because it is still a Tier 2 semi-autonomous system, Far from being fully autonomous (from A to B without a man doing anything). To date, the Tesla FSD system Only available in the United States, And drivers with higher safe driving scores.

But in a few weeks it will change. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, made it clear on the Twitter Nova website that Tesla would begin sending FSDs to Canadian drivers, but clarified that. “With precaution”. He may mention that Canadian drivers who qualify for the beta phase must also have an almost impeccable safety record. It may be two to four weeks or who knows

Yes, FSD is still in beta. The manufacturer has been developing and testing the system for years, but before finally introducing it to the market – for any customer – it pulls in an army of drivers who voluntarily test the FSD system. Each time a driver crashes, the situation is analyzed and developers try to fix it.

Are there significant differences between Canadian roads and American roads? Yes, enough to delay growth. However, some American drivers with FSD beta were able to navigate not only near the border but also on the roads of northern neighboring countries without much trouble. And in Europe? Let’s join hands patiently, we have not even remotely synchronized the whole problem of vertical, horizontal and lighthouse / situational signs.

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Finally the FSD system The price has increased, The increase comes into effect today. Although the area is not commercially available Software, Cars are factory made for use. The FSD system is prepaid at the time the car is ordered as an extra. FSD Beta 11 will start coming out next month, if there are no further delays.