April 13, 2024


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The Mexican national team could face a new penalty for insulting fans in Canada

In the final round of the World Cup qualifiers, in Edmonton, when the Mexican national team went to Canada, FIFA will now interrogate the FMF in a single shout.

The federation considers that if a sentence continues, there will already be a harassment.

“I think there are attitudes of some of the characters, there is a report from the commissioner on the matter of the game in Canada, where one of the spectators yelled something at the Canadian coaching staff, which is why they like it. Let us know, then, yes, I think there is harassment.

“I hope not, we’re going to wait and it’s not confirmed, but it’s hardly if they’re going to analyze what each of them is saying on all the stadiums in the world. Said while visiting the home of the Qatari ambassador in.

FIFA establishes that security and other issues during the competition are the responsibility of the local administration, so it is surprising that the tricolor can now be penalized again.

“An individual at the Edmonton ground, they did not tell us what they were shouting about. We do not know (if it was a Mexican hobby). It was reported by the party commissioner and did not say who, what. They want to let us in. No official announcement has yet been made from the disciplinary commission, but it The commissioner’s statement comes as a surprise to us, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

The FMF is awaiting the FIFA appeals panel’s decision to allow two games behind closed doors in the next two World Cup qualifiers, against Costa Rica and Panama.

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“We say FIFA did not use the protocol, and they allowed us one step of the protocol they used themselves, which should be allowed in step three,” de Louisa said.