April 22, 2024


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The new vaccine gave powers to the Canadian police to prevent anti-vaccine protests

Although the police have recently disbanded the protests against the health measures adopted in the structure of the Govt-19 epidemic, Corona virus, Canada Continues Alert statusTaking preventive measures to prevent the development of new demonstrations.

In that context, the Canadian legislature approved Expand emergency powers To whom can the police return if necessary Suppress possible restart locks Among others, by those who oppose the vaccine against Govt-19.

In a vote in the House of Commons against 181 votes, 185 votes were cast in favor of securing the powers.

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin TrudeauAlthough the situation in Ottawa was brought under control over the weekend, it had previously stated that emergency powers were necessary even after the border barriers were lifted a few days earlier.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs more special powers. Photo: Dave Chan / AFP

Trudeau argued that There are still lorries in the suburbs of the capital, Which may schedule more locks. Meanwhile, its public defense minister said there had already been an attempt to block crossing the border into British Columbia over the weekend.

Emergency law allows the government to prevent people from entering certain areas. It empowers the police to freeze the bank accounts of truckers and force companies to tow vehicles.

The truckers’ struggles escalated for more than three weeks until they blocked several border points with the United States and some streets in the center of the Canadian capital, but all border sieges were over and the streets around the Canadian Parliament remained quiet.

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Most of the Ottawa protesters, who vowed never to surrender, were chased by police with riot gear during the largest police operation in the country’s history.

The situation is even weakerThere is still a state of emergency, ” Trudeau said before the vote.

Opposition support

New Democrat opposition leader Jagmeet Singh backed him, ensuring that Trudeau received enough votes. Singh said he knew protesters were waiting around Ottawa and in the capital. “They must be removed,” he said, adding that security forces had blocked several vehicles of protesters.

“It’s not Attack on our democracy. This is a group of people who are clearly in touch with the far right, ”Singh said. He added: “The organizers have a clear intention of undermining democracy. We can not allow that.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said those whose bank accounts had been frozen were “influential in the illegal struggle in Ottawa, and vehicle owners or drivers did not want to leave the area.”

Finance Minister Christiaan Freeland has previously said there is an easy way for anyone affected to freeze their accounts: “Stop being part of the siege.”

Public Defense Minister Marco Mendicino said it was very effective to allow the police to declare Ottawa a restricted area. There are about 100 police checkpoints. “We saw peace, tranquility and tranquility,” Mendicino said.

New Zealand: Incidents in anti-vaccine struggles

Vaccine protesters New Zealand As the tension escalated in their fight, which began weeks ago, they threw “burning objects” at police on Tuesday. Three members of the security forces had to be hospitalized despite being in good health, and three more were arrested near Wellington Parliament.

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Prime Minister, Jacintha OrtonDescribed as “utterly shameful.” Explicit acid attackAs well as another incident where a protester threw his vehicle towards the police line and stopped inches away from hitting the officers.

Problems were recorded near Wellington Parliament.  Photo: George Heard / New Zealand Herald via AP

Problems were recorded near Wellington Parliament. Photo: George Heard / New Zealand Herald via AP

The incidents took place on Tuesday morning when police set up concrete barricades to control a two-week-old protest camp in central Wellington.

The movement began as a campaign against compulsory vaccinations inspired by a similar movement in Canada, but grew to 1,500 and included other demands, including extreme right-wing news against the government and the press.

All three officers admitted to the hospital are “recovering well,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Richard Chambers. He accused the “shocking” attack of being “a specific group within the opposition”. On Monday, police said some protesters threw human feces at them.

With information from AFP and AP.