April 22, 2024


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The NHL has postponed 8 games in Canada due to attendance restrictions

Latest Game News:

  • The NHL has postponed 8 games in Canada due to attendance restrictions
  • Senators add Ennis and Norris to NHL’s Govt-19 protocol list
  • Devils coach Lindy Ruff missed the positive test Oils game
  • The Clippers enter coach protocol before the Raptors clash
  • Vikings vs. Bakers quickly lose relatives on the government list
  • All three G-League referees get NBA games amid virus problems
  • Football matches in England and France have been postponed

The league announced Friday that the NHL has postponed eight games involving Canadian teams due to current attendance restrictions in some provinces.


  • Minnesota Wild @ Ottawa Senators (3D Enro)
  • New York Islanders @ Vancouver Canucks (January 5)
  • New York Islanders @ Edmonton Oilers (8D Enro)
  • New York Islanders @ Calgary Flames (January 11)
  • Minnesota Wild @ Edmonton Oils (12D Enro)
  • Vegas Golden Knights t Edmonton Oilers (14 de enero)
  • Vegas Golden Knights @ Calgary Flames (15D Enro)
  • Edmonton Oils @ Winnipeg Jets (16D Enro)

The league said games would be rescheduled if restrictions were relaxed or removed.

The game between the New York Islanders and the Seattle Kraken on January 4 was also postponed as the Islanders were relegated to another three road games.

The NHL has not announced any further postponements for the Toronto Maple Leafs to be held in Ottawa on Saturday and in Edmonton on Wednesday.

The announcement comes three days after the NHL postponed nine games in Canada due to capacity limitations. The NHL has postponed a total of 89 games this season.

The Ontario government on Thursday restricted the capacity of large indoor halls to 1,000 people. Major League Sports and Entertainment, which owns Maple Leafs and the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, has said its games will be run without fans when that restriction exists.

Montreal Canadians are currently in January. Not scheduled to play at home until 3 p.m. The Canadians’ home has already been postponed with four games from Tuesday to January 10th.

Senators Ennis and Norris are on the protocol

The panel announced Friday that Ottawa senators Tyler Ennis and Josh Norris have been added to the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol list.

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Franchise has invited leading players Clark Bishop and Logan Shaw from the Belleville senators of the American Hockey League to the team’s taxi team.

The senators canceled Thursday’s session for precautionary reasons and returned to training Friday morning.

The Devils coach tests the oilers a few hours before the game

New Jersey coach Lindy Ruff was dropped from the squad after a positive test for Covit-19 ahead of the Devils’ game against the Edmonton Oilers.

The Devils made the announcement on Friday, about 45 minutes after Ruff missed a free-camera press conference. As the conference began, assistant coach Alain Nasredin came in and said he would lead the team.

Nasreddin, who generally manages the game’s security guards, said Ruff would stay at the Prudential Center during the game. He said the two will be in touch during the game.

Ruff, 61, was hired as the Devils coach for the epidemic-abbreviated 2020 season and the team missed the playoffs. New Jersey is currently ranked seventh in the metropolitan area.

After the dismissal of John Hines in early December, he coached the Nazareth Devils on an interim basis for 43 games in the 2019-20 season. He set the record 19-16-8. Ruff kept it on his console.

On Friday, Chicago goldsmith Kevin Langinen was suspended from training due to government-19 protocol. Since Mark-Andre Fleury is already on protocol, Colin Telia could start the first NHL of the season when he travels to Nashville, Chicago on Saturday.

The Clippers enter coach protocol before the Raptors clash

Los Angeles Clippers coach Tyrone Low went to the protocol on Friday, just hours before his team faced the Toronto Raptors at the Scodiabank Stadium.

The NBA started Friday with about 120 players at various levels of the protocol, and seven head coaches were sidelined, along with dozens of other staff, including assistant coaches, track and field coaches, media liaison staff and many more.

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The league’s vaccination rate is 97% among players, 100% among coaches and at least two-thirds of the league has a booster shot. The NBA has postponed 11 games in recent weeks, while changing its protocol frequently, with the latest moves designed to get players back on the field quickly with positive tests.

About 100 G League players have signed NBA contracts in recent weeks as teams have to fill out lists due to all the virus related issues.

All three G-League referees get NBA games amid virus problems

The virus did not send NBA teams to seek the help of the G League. The NBA arbitral tribunal had to do the same.

Tyler Mirkovich, Clare Aubry and Pat O’Connell received matches nominated by G-League officials on Friday, the trio’s NBA debut. This is the first time the NBA has invited G-League officials to work this season.

Mirkovich was assigned to Boston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Cleveland, Africa, and O’Connell to New York, Oklahoma.

None of the three G-League specifications requested on Friday worked in NBA pre-season games. But with one-third of the league’s referees now unable to work, mostly due to the corona virus and some injuries, the NBA has no choice but to seek help.

Vikings vs. Bakers quickly lose relatives on the government list

Kirk Cousins ​​has never missed an NFL game due to injury.

His first unplanned Minnesota Vikings could not have come at a bad time due to the Govt-19.

Two days before the biggest game of the Green Bay season, the Vikings were in the first quarter of the 19th government reserve list on Friday.

Family members who had not been vaccinated, although he was well, could not release him in time to play. The NFL recently reduced the isolation period required for asymptomatic players to five days.

The Vikings (7-8) are a game in place of the NFC’s last wild card in two weeks. The Packers (12-3) control the first place and the cake in the first round.

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To kick off the seventh-year player at Frigid Lambio Field on Sunday night, the Vikings activated a backup quarterback Sean Bell from the State-19 Reserve roster. Rookie Kellenmond, who was selected in the third round, did not grow as fast as he was supposed to this season.

Football matches in England and France have been postponed

The Premier League announced on Friday that Sunday’s match in Southampton has been postponed due to an ongoing Corona virus outbreak in Newcastle.

Newcastle’s previous game against Everton scheduled for Thursday was also canceled.

The mix of cases and injuries in the Premier League state-19 required 13 outfielders and a goalkeeper to face Southampton at St Mary’s Stadium in Newcastle in 19th place.

The league said in a statement that it was “in a position to make its decision before the match to make it clear to the affected clubs and their fans”.

It brings with it 18 Premier League games that have been postponed for the past three weeks, including a trip to Leicester from Norwich last Saturday.

Meanwhile, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said on Friday that all three of his players had tested positive before Sunday’s game against title rivals Chelsea.

He did not name the trio and hopes the game will continue in London.

The French league has postponed a match between Angers and Saint-Etienne on January 9 due to a high number of corona virus cases in the Angers squad.

The Cobras called for an adjournment on Thursday, saying there were 19 confirmed cases in their 30-man squad and that no more than 10 players would be allowed to play again until Jan. 10. Cobras said five employees had the virus.

When the Anchors lost 4-1 at Montpellier on 22 December before the winter break, they knocked out five players with COVID-19.