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The triptych still needs to work

The triptych still needs to work

Photo of the article titled Six months later, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy still needs some work

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when Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition Launched last year, it was a disaster. Three of the most beloved video games of all time have been officially re-released on modern devices and not only looked like a dirty game, But run like him too. things were So Bad, in fact, that Rockstar I had to offer some free games to the fans to make up for it.

Some later patches have tried to address some of these issues, but like that Comprehensive recheck of games digital foundry showStill there Much of the work left to do here.

Annunciation first: The rain is now mostly normal, as it is It should be after 15 bug fixes, and there’s a layer of fog added after launch that gives the game world a decent sense of scale on the fly. Adjustments have also been made to some of the most egregious spelling errors on the banners, and major issues with mission architecture and collisions have been corrected as well. Most importantly, that Games now run much smoother, especially in Performance mode, which pretty much keeps things locked at 60fps.

Now for the bad news. Lots of things that look bad in these games will do that never Be consistent, because these are ports for phone games, and there’s only so much polish to add when you bring it on A game designed to run iPhone to a system like PS5 or a modern PC. These are things like the general appearance of the characters – which was well suited for low-resolution CRT TVs at the time but seemed out of place in an HD setting – as well as environmental lighting effects (such as dark and golden sunsets) dedicated to Underworld And San Andreas that have been removed.

And while some tags have been fixed, there are still plenty of other tags with misspellings, either as a result of Rockstar’s default in translation work or Lots of work handed to AI upgrading (which also has unaddressed issues with wall texture and building marks). You can see examples of all this in action at digital foundry Video below:

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