April 24, 2024


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“The United States and Canada are above Mexico,” says Orif Peralta of Mexican football.

Oribe Peralta, after announcing his retirement from Mexican football, attacked Mexican players with a stern message, saying the United States and Canada were above Mexico.

By Wilson Flores

Los Angeles, Jan. 14 (LaOpinión) .- Orip Peralta Ended a successful career in Mexican football. The former forward Mexican team Showed that there was no need to achieve Europe To be considered with “L Tri”. However, the “brush” Important For the new generation of Aztec footballers. Former Chivas de Guadalajara questioned the commitment of the players and pointed out that these issues did not happen. To us Y Canada.

Oribe Peralta and Luis Fernando Tena knocked out the ball to determine the position of the teams in their area. Photo: EFE, Francisco Quasco.

“The Mexican footballer is not yet 100 percent a professional, they do it in the United States and Canada. Today you get a player to kick a ball, you train him, and he becomes a footballer. The Mexican footballer has the best conditions for him to play football. I understand, but because the Mexican plays well and trains without training, he believes he will win the games, ”Orif Perralda reflects in an interview. TUDN.

Former Mexican striker Raul Jimenez shares his ideas. “Brush” sometimes yelled at the Wolverhampton striker to run too high into the field because he thought he was not dressed like his teammates.

“[Jiménez] He will always get a job. Sometimes I yelled on the field to run, to run, to run for the national team because for me he never made himself too tired for the team, today he understood his role, he understood his role, he is. Show it, “he said.

Finally, after more than a decade of experience, Oribe Peralta provided advice to young Mexican footballers. “Brush” considers everything in life worthy of its processes and football is a privilege they should take advantage of because a career will disappear in a short time.

“Not only the players, not all the people they feel special, I would say everything ends overnight. It’s a privilege to play football. […] Everything has a process, we need to know how to wait, we need to know how to evaluate that process, “he concluded.

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